Sunday, 5 February 2017

Get Marriage Certificate Online in India


With the advent of Digital India in country, most of the essential services are getting migrated to online platforms. Check out some of the improvements made in birth certificate and ration card industry. In the due course of this article, we will try to discuss something similar about marriage registration in country. Although each process is currently in very initial stage and the journey has just started yet. It will take few more years to cover digital services related to marriage registration across the entire country.

Do check out basic things that you need to know about marriage registration in India.

Why marriage registration is required in India

Marriage certificate is required in various cases. It becomes the essential proof that shows relation between couple. It can be shown at all places wherever relation between the couple is required to be proved. It is the proof that your marriage has been solemnized with your partner.

Marriage Registration in India
Marriage Registration in India
Documents and other artifacts required for marriage registration in India

As far as the documents are concerned then make sure to visit registration office with below documents:
  • Age proof (can be birth certificate or matriculation marks sheet)
  • residential proof
  • 2-3 witnesses
  • Wedding photograph (of the couple) and invitation card copy
  • Passport size photographs of the couple
Once you have above mentioned artifacts, you can proceed with the marriage registration part.

How to register marriage online in India

Online marriage registration in India is sill a hoax and it seems like it will take another few years for realizing this dream. However you can anytime visit your nearby marriage registration center to get your marriage registered. Do check out this reference: It will help you with all figures/facts required for successful marriage registration in the country.

Please let us know if our help is required at any step.
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Monday, 19 December 2016

Nokia new Android Smartphones in 2017


All time favorite and one of the most reliable company Nokia is again back to smartphone market. This time they have planned a mega back with Android OS. Android was one of the reason why company lagged behind companies like Samsung, Sony, LG (all who used Android) and now it may become the reason to put it back on competition charts again. As per the reports, Nokia is going to launch 3 new Android smartphones. Android smartphones from Nokia will be launched for all price segments which means if you are thinking of buying a smartphone in any of the price segment then you can wait for few more months to try and test out all time favorite Nokia Android smartphones.

Here we will give you in depth details of various Android smartphones that company is going to unveil in next few months (better to say in year 2017).

Nokia Android Smartphones
Nokia Android Smartphones

Nokia New Android Smartphones

Below are the 3 smartphones that Nokia might be launching in coming months.

1. Nokia E1 Android Smartphone

It is going to be the entry level smartphone from Nokia. It will house a 4.9 or 5 inch HD display that will be powered by strong quad core processor with blend of Android 6.0 Marshmallow OS. It will house all the essential features that are required in most of the smartphones. It will have dual cameras, 4G connectivity, Bluetooth, GPS, Play Store access. On memory front we will see it coming up with 2 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Apprx 2500 mAh battery will be there to support all the high end operations.

2. Nokia D1C Android Smartphone

Nokia D1C will be the medium level variant from the company. It will house 5.5 inch screen with full HD resolution and high pixels per inch density (above 400). Android Marshmallow and octa core processors coupled with Adreno GPU and 3GB RAM will be there for providing a very high end user experience. 13 and 5 MP camera will be there on rear and front side respectively. We will soon update you with remaining specs of the phone.

3. Nokia Edge 2017

Nokia have something for high price bracket users as well. Nokia Edge 2017 is going to be a very handy, powerful smartphone that will encapsulate 5.5 inch screen with octa core processors, 3GB/4GB RAM, high end GPUs altogether in one unit. It will have a 23 MP rear back camera that will be paired with high end inbuilt camera editing features. 13 MP front facing selfie camera will be the another attraction here.

It is all about upcoming Android smartphones from Nokia. Do let us know your views.

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Sunday, 28 August 2016

Register and Buy ChampOne C1 Smartphone | Track Status


After Freedom 251, it’s time for another low price smartphone show. We are talking about ChampOne C1 smartphone that is going to be launched on coming 2nd September 2016. It is another low cost smartphone that would be available at Rs. 501/- initial price. This special price is for customers with valid product ID only. In order to get product ID, you will have to register on ChampOne C1 Official website first. After successful registration, you will be issued unique ID that will help you during ChampOne C1’s first live sale. Here we will talk about its specifications, price, how to register, book and buy ChampOne C1 smartphone.

ChampOne C1 Smartphone Specifications

It is a feature rich phone that comes with 5 inch IPS display. Android 5.1 OS is given with the support of quad core 1.3 GHZ processor having 2 GB RAM support. These specs look ideal for a decent smartphone to enter into real SMART zone. Above all it comes with 4G LTE technology and supports finger print system. These are features of high end smartphone only. It takes it ahead of all its competitors (at least at the special price that they will be rolling out for first sale going live on 2nd September).
ChampOne C1 Smartphone
8 MP rear/5 MP front facing cameras are there which are loaded with many inbuilt features. 16 GB ROM is there which seems to be enough for this low range smartphone. No information about whether it can be expanded or not is available but ideally it should be expandable with help of normal SD cards. It supports microUSB and comes with universal 3.5 mm audio jack. 2500 mAh LiPo battery is there that charges at 5V/2A rating. Quick charge option is there which lets it charge within very less time as compared to other smartphones in same zone. It is available in while, silver and gold color bodies and will contain charger, data cable and earphone inside the package.

Buy ChampOne C1 Smartphone

You can buy ChampOne C1 through registration only. First sale will go live on 2nd September 2016. Registrations are already open and you will be able to participate in live sale after successful registration only. Company is going to launch ChampOne for a special onetime price of Rs. 501/- only. This is applicable for first live sale only and prices may increase after it. So it is a golden chance to acquire all these features at such low cost. Do participate and register for ChampOne successfully. Moreover it comes with cash on delivery option so you don’t need to worry about getting fraud or anything like. Once the sale is over, company will start shipping the smartphones and you will be able to track ChampOne C1 shipping Status through official portal itself. Do let us know if you have doubts with anything.
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Sunday, 21 August 2016

How To: Online Birth Registration in India


In the fast forward world like today, everyone needs better services that are integrated with online platforms. Fortunately Indian Government is up to the course and is trying their best to cope up with the challenges to import everything online. Recently government has launched Digital India Mission which aims at building digital infrastructure throughout the country. Main motive of Digital India program is to build right set of infrastructure which can help Indian citizens to learn new (at least basic level) digital technologies with ease. At least one from each Indian family should be able to use digital services by the end of this digital mission. Here we will be talking about Online Birth Certificate which is usually an offline process. Government is trying to import all birth card related services to cloud platforms. Although we can’t see any major growth in respective area ads of now but hopefully things will start improving within few months from now.
Sample Birth Certificate

Online Birth Certificate Registration in India

As I said above, it is a dream scheme which is not materialized yet. Things are in progress and very soon we must be able to see its impact. As of now you will have to visit nearby birth registration centers for enrolling birth details at government registers. Once this scheme will be launched officially, people will be able to submit birth records online. They will be able to upload required documents, verification, proofs etc online to cloud storage systems. Talking about current scenario then you can get your child’s birth registered at respective municipal corporation office (in urban areas) and in Gram Panchayat Office (GPO) in rural areas. You will need supporting documents like marriage certificate of parents, birth registry in hospital registers (in case the delivery is done at hospitals), ID proofs etc. Kindly note that it is suggested to apply within 21 days of the birth to avoid any sort of unwanted hassle and trouble. In case you are late then you will have to pay late fee along with written permissions from government officials. Birth certificate is currently issued with 7 working days of the registration.

What will be online birth certificate registration process be like?

It will be similar to any other process of similar niche. Visit the website, download application for (or fill in the online form itself), upload supported documents (scanned one), pay the registration fee and that’s it. You have successfully registered your child’s birth at government repository. Kindly stay tuned for latest updated/work about online birth registration in India.
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Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Best Games over all Gaming Platforms


Gaming Consoles like PS, Xbox, Nitendo etc are slowly and slowly covering the gaming/non-gaming market like anything. Gone are the days of traditional gaming devices. Ever since the first launch of Sony PlayStation, everything has changed in gaming world. Now we are about to step into the world of virtual reality gaming where everything will be structured into 3D dots and will impart completed different experience than ever. Here we will discuss about some of the best games that you can play on any of the gaming console and can enjoy to utmost (we are going to mention top notch games, so please read it carefully).

The Elders Scroll Online (ESO)

Talking about Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO) games; ESO is the first name that strikes mind. A game that was in development/testing phase for 7 continuous years, we can definitely expect good returns (in terms of game quality and end user experience) from such product. Till now ESO has delivered all good things at this end.
The Elders Scroll Online

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GTA is my all-time favorite game. It allows gamers to practice the things that they will never do in real life (please don’t practice them in real life ever :P limit them to gameplay only). I love the entire concept on which GTA is framed which can be further enhanced by using proper cheats. Please don’t use cheats for everything out there. Use the one that will allow you to experience complete different things like flying helicopters, playing in ninja mode etc. Such cheats are awesome of will escalate your gaming experience to next level for sure.

Read: GTA Introduction


All time favorite game of all football lovers. Wear your jersey, put on your soccer shoes and boom, you are all set to play world’s best soccer game ever. FIFA will allow you to have moves like real player and if you can manage the gameplay properly, you may then get feeling of a real FIFA match then.

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I am really excited to play these 3 games in the world of VR. Just waiting for the developers (both gaming consoles as well as respective game’s developers) to launch VR and make compatible games according to them.

Do let us know your views.

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Monday, 4 April 2016

Digital Ration Card in India


India is getting digitized and so are the basic facilities. Ration Card: most crucial and important document in India is going digital now. e Ration Card is a new concept that is currently being implemented by states like Delhi, Kolkata etc. Very soon we will see such schemes rolled out in other states as well. As of now, state governments has launched various schemes like ration card status, online application, ration card search etc. Ration Card process is not completely digitized yet. A lot need to be done in this niche but the speed with which various state governments are moving, I believe we will very soon achieve our target.

Ration Card

Ration Card holds important information like name of the person, address, age etc. Ration Cards are used for getting discounts/subsidized rates at the fair price shops (FPS) in local areas. This document can also be treated as the identity proof and can be attached anywhere where you need to give your identity proofs. With the concept of e ration cards, you don’t need to carry their hard copies anymore. You can manage all the things on online platforms.

When ration card digitization will be completed?

Every technical process needs time and rough level of testing (for a scheme like ration card which touches every Indian house). So we will have to wait for few more years. Ration Card digitization will be completed in steps and will be launched in patches. As much as I can see now, we can have the fully automated process in coming 2-3 years. Few states have already rolled out the online version whereas few states are yet to implement it. In future you may be issued a ration card coupled with microprocessor chip that carries your unique identity (you and yours family). Like any access card, this chip will hold all the rationing records which will be stored on cloud storage/databases. Government can use this data for making reports to make the best use of distribution schemes. Let us wait and see what happens in coming years.
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Sunday, 21 February 2016

What is Cinavia and how to bypass it


Have you ever heard about Cinavia? If yes then you are all set for this article and if no then don’t worry, we will introduce Cinavia from the very basic here. Cinavia is a protection that keeps the authenticated audio/video work alive using Cinavia watermark. It basically protects video piracy over various platforms that include Sony PlayStation, Samsung devices or any BluRay player. In short Cinavia is used by most of the content producers to keep their work safe from any sort of piracy.

How Cinavia works?

Cinavia works with help of a code that is embedded in audio part of the clip. Official videos do not have that code while un-official or pirated video have that. So as soon as your disk reads that particular part of the video (where Cinavia code is embedded), it will start giving various warnings and will unmute the audio (in most of the cases).

Cinavia Message Codes

Cinavia is popular for various message codes (1,2,3,4) that shows the type of error. Cinavia Message Code 3 is very popular among all the four types. It mutes the audio completely and viewers will no longer be able to hear sound of any part in the video. Audio will be unmuted as soon as reader exceeds the disk part where Cinavia code is embedded. Any of these Cinavia warning will start popping out continuous warning messages and one time will come when you will have no other option rather either skipping the video part or switching your device OFF.

How to bypass Cinavia Errors

Cinavia is popular among PlayStation3 and 4. It comes in other devices like Samsung as well. Do we really need to bypass this protection? I mean if something is stopping piracy then we must support it, right? Yes we must support it but it is observed that Cinavia hits genuine videos sometimes also. It mainly targets on homemade videos. In such rare cases, it becomes very important to bypass Cinavia errors. You either have to skip the Cinavia protected audio from your clip or you can try out various products (Google it, you will get many) for bypassing the Cinavia error from your audio/video clip. Do let me know if you need help with any of the Cinavia Message code or want to fix it for Sony PS3 or PS4.
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