Friday, 16 August 2013

How to install Cyanogen Mod Android 4.3 ROM on Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830


Android 4.3 Jellybean has been reached to Samsung Galaxy ACE S5830. It is not launched by Samsung. It comes from the house of Cyanogen Mod team. CM team is known for some best custom developments in Android world. Galaxy ACE is among the selected devices that has received 4.3 JB update at early stage.

This ROM is going to import all 4.3 Jellybean features to Galaxy ACE surface. It includes better customization, improved interface, better security etc. Along with all the standard features, this ROM is going to target following features too:
• Focal App for improving camera quality
• Keyboard is now improved with better input response
• OpenGL ES 3.0 support is added
• Bluetooth will now consume less energy (good step which will strengthen its battery)
• Better backup
• Security is taken to next level
• Lots more

So this ROM is targeting camera and battery performance mainly. These two modifications will eventually improve complete mobile configuration. One thing more, you need to root your Galaxy ACE prior to this update. You will find lot of tutorial about rooting Galaxy ACE. Please use Google for this purpose. If you are not finding any equivalent result there then please let me know through comments, I will give you rooting details here.

CM Android 4.3 ROM for Galaxy ACE S5830

Follow this procedure:
1. Follow all the pre-requisites from this list. Pre-requisites includes some simple steps like what should be your battery level, how to back up your data etc. it will help you with accidental cases.
2. Now download 4.3 JB Package and GApps to computer.
3. Move both the packages to ACE’s SD card (via USB cable).
4. Now follow these steps.

In 4th step I have coupled all the update steps in form of a link. Here you will see one new thing called “Recovery Booting”. Recovery is a technical mode which is used for applying/flash all such updates. Please use ROM Manager App from Play Store for this recovery boot. This ROM is for ACE model built S5830 only so please don’t use it on other machines.

Quick Tips

Here are some quick tips for beginners:
• First of all please understand the complete meaning of rooting. • Now try to understand a common process about how to flash custom packages on Android smartphones.
• Please don’t use Kies App from back-upping your data. It creates problems during restore section.
• If you find any problems or your Galaxy ACE is getting hanged in between then please remove its battery and repeat complete procedure again.



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