Thursday, 22 August 2013

How to use Flashtool for flashing Android Packages in Smartphones


Flashtool is a tool that is used for flashing custom/official packages in Android machines. It can be compared with Odin (however it is different) which is used with Samsung most of the times. With help of Flashtool we can install any custom ROM, Apps, Recoveries etc on our Android smartphone. It is mostly used with non-Samsung devices like Sony, HTC etc.

It is a simple tool that doesn't require any prior rooting or modification knowledge (no problem if you have knowledge about Android customization's). Like other tools (Odin, Bin4ry) it too requires a 4-5 steps simple tutorial which in turn stuffs the desired packet inside Android machine. Here I am going to discuss its working with simplest possible tutorial.

How to use Flashtool

1. At first download it to your computer. You can download it from here.
2. Its path should be like “C:\flashtoolfirmwares”.
3. Connect your Android smartphone to computer through USB wire. By doing so, Flashtool will automatically install your smartphone’s drivers inside computer (please keep Internet ON during this session). Now you can easily interface Flashtool with your Smartphone.
4. Now you must have downloaded some firmware files. Move them to C:\flashtoolfirmwares location. I am going to use this article as a reference article. I will link it in other articles that will carry firmware downloads. You just need to use those firmware files here. This folder should look like “flashtool/firmwares.ftf”
5. Open Flashtool and select the “lightning icon” there.
6. Now click the FlashMode option and select OK.
7. Now you will have to browse the required file. Go to flashtool/firmwares.ftf path and select the downloaded firmware’s. If you have downloaded two files, then please select them one by one in a sequential manner.

That’s it! You have completed all the steps about flashing any custom ROM/Firmwares through Flashtool. In general cases it takes around 3-5 minutes for complete flashing. If you are observing any suspicious activity there then you can anytime abort the complete process by removing your smartphone’s battery. After this you can re-start the complete process again.


I know Flashtool is one of the simplest tool that flashes everything in minutes. But still there are few stages where you need to handle it with care. Here please be careful about placing the downloaded Flashtool and Firmware’s in correct folders. It is the only mistake which leads to wrong output. Also please use high speed internet for the complete process.



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