Friday, 16 August 2013

Top 5 best online video converters with download links


Every day we have to come across various problems where we need to convert our videos from one format to other. It is especially required when we are unable to play some particular format on our system. Also sometime we need to convert PC optimized videos for mobile devices. This all is possible with help of online/offline video converts.

If you Google about online video converters, then you will find number of such software’s/tools there. But most of them either don’t work or they come with paid versions. But here I have compiled a list of top 5 free video converts that converts videos from one format to another on online stream.

Top 5 free video converters

1. Cloud Convert

It is one of the best converter tool that is based on cloud technology. It works in integration with cloud storages like Dropbox and Google Drive. You can directly upload your content from both these cloud hosting services. This online converter converts most of the media types like videos, audio, work sheets etc.

2. File Wiggler

This converter tool converts various media files. It comes with referral scheme. In general cases it supports 200 MB file (for conversion purpose) only. But if you refer 5 peoples under your network then you can convert up to 400 MB file through it. It is a slow conversion tool which takes approx. 3 days for complete conversion process. Don’t worry you don’t need to check all the time about how much time is left or something like. It will automatically ping you through your mail once the conversion is completed.

3. Make JAR

This conversion tool is best suited for all customers who want to convert PC/Laptop optimized videos for their mobiles. This online tool converts videos according to mobile model. You will have to choose your mobile from the list. Like other tools, it too allows 200MB file for free conversion.

4. Online Convert

It is my favourite tool. Most of converters support one or two medias only but Online Convert is a multi-platform supported tool that can be used with audio, video, image, hash, document etc type of medias. It comes with an easy to use interface that shows all the details at one place.

5. Online Video Converter

As the name says, this tool converts video formats support wide range of video topologies. Every time you use this tool, it asks for your location. Main reason behind accessing your location is to connect you with nearest server possible. It is the best thing I love about this tool. It even speeds up the entire process.

So these are top 5 online video converter tools/websites that converts videos and other files online. All these tools are developed for saving your time so please try to use them for respective tasks. If you want to add any other name in this list (which you have tested yourself) then please let me know through comments.



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