Sunday, 29 September 2013

Android 4.3 based Cyan Fox ROM update for Samsung Galaxy S2


Samsung Galaxy S2 is on peak these days. In past two weeks we have seen various official as well as custom ROM updates for this smartphones. All those upgrades were based on Android 4.2 Jellybean interface. But for the very first time, here comes the Android 4.3 Jellybean based ROM update for Samsung Galaxy S2. Obviously it is a custom ROM with no tagline from Samsung about when they will officially launch some high class ROM (based on Android 4.3 JB) for S2.

This ROM is developed by Cyan Fox team which is known for quality and stylish developments. Talking about the overall ROMs (for S2) then you might get lots of 4.3 JB ROM for it but believe me no one will such smooth and function able like Cyan Fox ROM. It has been designed with considering the shortcomings of all those ROMs. It means it will have no previous bugs which you might have experienced with previous custom ROMs on your Galaxy S2.

Developers have listed some of its highlighting features. They are:
• Very smooth UI with ultra-high level of smoothness
• Alternate App Picker is there which ensures best file handling/management services
• New notification system which is based on Paranoid Halo system
• New coding for RAM management that makes it more efficient
• List view animations provides smooth and running animations
• Lots more

With this 4.3 JB based ROM you will see a complete new world of fast and smooth transitions which very easy to use interface. They have launched it after careful study of failure of other high end ROMs. So we can expect it to come with minimum bugs which can be accepted on general level.

One thing I must clear here is that this ROM comes from custom third party sources so neither me nor Samsung will be held responsible for accidental damages with your Galaxy S2. Proceed with this ROM only if you are a decent developer with lots of experience in rooting/flashing filed. It might even make your Galaxy S2 a shit piece only. All depends on you so please move further with careful consideration.

How To

1. Download the Cyan Fox ROM to computer from here.
2. Download the GApps package too.
3. Copy both the files to mobile’s SD card through USB cable.
4. Now boot the Galaxy S2 to recovery mode and follow these instructions.

Recovery mode on Galaxy S2 can be achieved with a simple process. I have already explained the detailed process in one of my previous article. You can refer the recovery booting details from here.



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