Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Apple iPhone 5C VS Motorola Moto X: most awaited smartphone battel


Apple has launched the most awaited iPhone 5C yesterday. Now this smartphone has entered the comparison world. We are seeing lots of iPhone comparisons these days. There are some potential devices that can really survive head to head with iPhone 5C. Some of the shortlisted devices include Galaxy S4, HTC One, Moto X and lots more. Among all the products, Moto X appears to be the biggest rival of iPhone 5C. With Moto X, Google is itself appearing in front of Apple. Here I am comparing both the top smartphone giants completely. So let’s start.

Apple iPhone 5C VS Motorola Moto X


Moto X comes with wooden casing (you will have to pay more for that) which makes it more attractive than any other phone. Also iPhone 5C comes in 5 colors whereas Moto X is launched with 18 attractive colors. Be very true then Moto X is attractive than 5C. Apple is still glued with the old usual look (appearance) that looks professional.


Both the phones comes with ultra-fast speed. iPhone 5C comes with similar A6 chip. This time they have encrypted it for 64 bit encryption. It will be faster than all previous phones. Moto X on the other side equips an X8 processor with 1.7 GHz clocking. Both the processors are awesome at respective spots.

On the software end, Moto has equipped Google Now inside their flagship whereas iPhone 5C brings the magic of Siri into play. So both the mobile performs well on both processor as well as software end.

Camera and other specs

Camera wise Moto X scores high in number (camera lens, 8 MP) but on the quality aspect, iPhone 5C houses a better camera (10 MP). Apple has kept the same old camera inside 5C. They have also used the same camera inside previous flagship. So we can expect high quality from the Apple’s gadget. Same is the case with Moto X.

Both the smartphones record videos with same quality and resolution. You will not observe any major change on video aspect.


Talking about the unlocked versions then iPhone 5C retails at much higher price sticker than Moto X. However locked/agreement version of 5C is available at lower tag than Moto X.

Motorola will charge you more for customization panels. They believe that personalization is way better than specs. They have focused well on customization. They have launched extra online portal for Moto X customization. With help of that online portal you can magnify the overall appearance of Moto X to many folds.


Both the mobiles stand well at respective positions. 5C is integrated with iOS 7 interface that provides better fluidity and smoothness. All time Apple users will surely be very keen towards trying new OS.



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