Thursday, 12 September 2013

Complete specs and pricing of Nokia A114: first Urdu interfaced mobile phone


Nokia has launched an exclusive entry level mobile phone for Urdu loving customers. It is one of the first approaches of mobile companies to entertain Urdu Language customers with full Urdu enable interface. Till now we have seen most of the companies focusing on Hindi enabled smartphones/mobiles for Indian customers. It seems to be a nice move from Nokia after all they are one of the biggest and most trusted mobile firm in India (sadly we all are going to miss them from now).

Dubbed as Nokia 114, it is the first ever Urdu enables mobile phone that will focus on a particular segment of audience. I hope all Urdu loving customers with zeal to try Nokia’s trust and entry level phone will try it for sure. Nokia is following this language strategy since 2008. Till now they have launched multi-language supported gadgets which include support for Hindi, Malayalam, Bengali, Oria etc.

Nokia 114 specs

On this particular aspect, Nokia has kept all the things very normal and usual. It is like all other basic mobile phones from Nokia but it comes with a different primary language Urdu. It measures a 1.8 inch very normal screen with 128x160 pixels resolution. Please don’t expect high quality screen from this particular smartphone. It comes with T9 enabled keypad which saves lot of efforts while typing. It even makes typing very fast if you knows how to use it properly. It provides a VGA rear camera that captures basic still pictures with decent clarity (not that decent too).

It comes with dual SIM facility but you can’t use both the SIMs simultaneously. Don’t worry you will not have to replace the battery compartment to change the SIMs again and again. Rather you can do it easily by swapping it only. They have provided a SD card slot that provides 32 GB memory expansion through all the SD cards. 1020 mAh battery further offers 10.5 hours talk time with dual SIM option.

Price and availability

Nokia 114 will be available in all the online as well offline counters within one-two weeks. It will retail at Rs. Rs. 2579.

From the above discussion, it can be concluded that N A114 is one of the best mobile phone for all Urdu lovers. It will bring them close to their native language which is itself a great deed. Also it is equipped with quality specs that are impressive with first look. I mean to say you are not going to get any inferior like feelings with this phone in hand. So according to me it will be a good buy.



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