Saturday, 21 September 2013

Download and install BBM for Android APK on any Andriod device


BBM is the current hot topic for discussion these days. Till now we use to relate BBM with BlackBerry only but now it has started roaming out for various OS and mobile sources. This week we have seen Micromax and Apple to opt BBM for their devices. MMX has limited it to Canvas pieces only whereas Apple has launched it for iOS platform. The big news for which all Android users were waiting is here. It is a world known fact that BBM can now be integrated with Android also. From last few weeks we all were waiting for BBM for Android APK so that we can install it on our devices. I am already using it on my MMX Canvas 4. It is a nice addition but company need to do something with minor bugs. Please stay tuned with this article. I am going to give complete details in following paragraphs.

For now WhatsApp seems to be its biggest rival. Till now only WhatsApp was there (famous one) to serve all messaging related tasks for Android users. But now BBM is going to hit Android. It is the same BBM for which we know the brand BlackBerry. Concept wise both the apps are somewhat similar however both have own sets of protocols, features and all. If you go for a quick comparison then you will not find any measurable difference between both the networks. Like BBM, WhatsApp is serving Android users for years now. But the kind of backup, BBM comes from is something that can threaten WA in several ways. Please don’t think that WA is going to close its shutters after BBM hitting the Android Play store.

According to me it will not create any initial impacts on WA popularity. But if WA waits for BBM moves all the time then they might have to get ready for bearing some serious loss. In short they will have to come up with some nice and innovative ideas. It will be the only way they can survive this competitive zone. But one thing for sure, they will lose some portion (minor) of members in initial days. Rest depends on the quality and services that both will provide.

BBM for Android APK download

Follow these steps friends:
1. Download the BBM APK to your computer.
2. Now take the official USB chord and move it to your mobile’s SD card.
3. With help of some file Explorer, run the downloaded APK.

You will have to perform some steps which will be listed on screen. Follow them carefully and enjoy the latest BBM addition for Android smartphone.



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