Saturday, 21 September 2013

Download and install BBM for iOS now


Gone are the days when BBM was assumed to be the exclusive property of BlackBerry only. Frankly saying then BBM is one of the most important apps that has helped BB to acquire some respectful position in mobile market (can’t say about current position). After they have announced that they will port it to other networks, various OS platforms as well as mobile firms has started looking out for its compatibility with their surfaces. India’s leading tech firm Micromax has just rolled out BBM for Canvas smartphones. It is already ported for Android surface. But now Apple has ported it on their surface.

With this BBM has flagged most of the mobile platforms. It is a wonderful app that allows users (who are associated with BBM) to communicate through messaging services. This app is very similar to WhatsApp which can be considered as the landmark of Android. BBM for Android might be there on Play Store any moment from now. The BBM app for iPhones/iPads etc is going to feature some additional features which are there with very limited cases.

BBM for iOS

BBM for iOS is the collective name which is given for this BBM-Apple integration. It comes with following features:
• Details about when message is transferred and read by other person (real time delivery report)
• Multi-Chat mode which allows you to start conference with friends. It is very useful for business deals and meetings
• Instant chat
• Photo sharing
• Real time report when other person is typing the reply message
• You can create groups according to various filters. You have the control to manage all the groups with different settings and priorities
• Broadcasting feature. This feature performs according to its dictionary meaning (which is for communication field). With this feature, you can send instant message to more than one user
• You have the option to join chat groups of persons who are not there in your friends list • You can hide your phone number or email from your friends
• Voice and URLs can be shared over BBM network
• Complete control over who can communicate with you through BBM cloud. It is called 2-way opt-in
• PIN/QR invitation option is there which is used for improving the privacy
• Lots more

Officials will add some more features like BBM Channels in form of an update. For now you will be not able to use BBM Channels.


You can download BBM for iOS from App Store. Please use this link for downloading purpose. Installation part is similar to all other apps. Let we know if you are facing any problems or something like.



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