Saturday, 14 September 2013

Download Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystal on Android, iPad and iPhone versions


Angry Birds Space is a popular extension from Rovio that features the pig hunt in space. This game is passionately stuffed with space elements that includes varying gravity, projectiles etc. Now it has received a major update. Angry Birds Space has received the Cosmic Crystals update for Android, iPhone and iPad platforms. I don’t know about you but I myself is very excited about this new addition to Space war.

What’s new in Angry Birds Space Cosmic Crystal extension

The updated version of AB Space is integrated with new levels which are called as Cosmic Crystals. These new levels are the reason why it has got Cosmic Crystal name. Main gameplay of the game is similar to all historic AB games. This time you will have to explode the planets which are designed in form of crystals. It will give your eyes a refresh look with ultimate animation effects.

Developers have added 35 new levels inside this version. Space Eagle and Egg Steroids are two very popular names among the complete list. This time the pigs are searching for treasure inside the planets. You need to explode them before they carry out the treasure along with. In the final stage, you will have to play against an evil pig called final boss battle.

In this addition, all the planets are awarded with real time effects. As discussed earlier, they are made up of crystals which produce amazing visual affects when blasted. They are very fragile and shatter with appropriate forces. In short they have focused well on magnifying the visual effects.

All the planets are embedded with hidden treasures. Your work is to destroy all the pigs before they explore the hidden treasures. Hidden treasure includes precious jewels, monuments etc.


This update is launched for Android, iPhone and iPad versions. You can download and install the latest app from official portals. Just go to the official store and search for Angry Birds Space War Cosmic Crystal. It will give you appropriate results. If you are getting any problems with downloading links then you can ask our team by commenting below. We will be pleased to help you.

So all the AB Space Wars with Cosmic Crystal game can be summed up as:
• 35 new levels
• Treasure hunt from pigs side
• Vibrant effects on planet exploding that are based on crystal explosion
• Interesting final battle with boss pig
• New level of difficulties
• Option to become reach (virtually) after exploring the hidden treasure
• Lots more



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