Monday, 9 September 2013

Download Xbox Music for Android and iOS free


Microsoft has finally compromised with its uniqueness. They have released the Xbox Music app from two most competitive platforms Android and iOS. Hopefully it will generate nice revenue for them. Xbox Music is an amazing app that lets you listen and manage all your music tracks nicely. It has a database of up to 30 million songs (global songs) and you can choose any one of them anytime. So in other words, it stores around 30 million global which can be enjoyed anytime.

For now Microsoft has released the paid version of Xbox Music only. But they have promised to launch a free Xbox Music offline handler in coming months. That will be the real fun for most of the users out there (especially Android users).

Xbox Music App for Android and iOS

All the 30 million songs in this amazing app are classified in different-different albums and artists. It makes the song searching very easy and time saving process. You can even classify your favourite tracks in own categories. Android and iOS both are inheriting most of Windows features now. According to reports, two more apps free streaming to web and radio are available on both the platforms. Full versions of these apps will be available by the end of this year. Radio app comes with unlimited dynamic playlist which makes things better for long run.

Some of the main features of Xbox Music app are:
• Ad free music streaming
• Very huge songs database (in millions) and you can stream anyone of them
• User can access the songs/albums/playlists on other devices too
• Very vibrant interface
• Easy synchronization with PC and tablets (also you can synch well with web)
• Lots more


As said earlier, for now Microsoft has released the paid version of Xbox Music only. It would cost you $9.99 monthly and $99.99 annually. They have launched it in 22 countries. If you are from India then you will have to wait for some more weeks/months as India is not listed in those 22 countries. You can download it from here.
Android, iOS
They have already promised to come with a free offline mode for Xbox Music globally. So I will advise you to go for Xbox Music now only if you seriously needs it, otherwise you can wait for 1-2 months for enjoying the free version. It will give you an about how this app works. After that you can upshift to the main paid version.



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