Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Expected iOS 7 features: future of iCloud Keychain and other tools


iOS 7 is yet to release on 18 September but the leaks market is getting hotter and hotter day by day. If you are an Apple user then you must be waiting for some hints or reports about upcoming iOS 7 specs. Here I am going to combine some of the top expected features of iOS 7 so that you can have a glimpse of what is going to happen after 18 September 2013.

Features of iOS 7

The first feature I would like to discuss here is iCloud Keychain. According to various reports, Apple has pulled it from latest update. For new customers let me tell its significance. It is an exclusive Apple feature that allows user to synchronize with Safari browser. It remembers all the things like user name, passwords, card number etc. it can be used to auto-fill the fields provided you have stored the relevant data already. This feature provides great relief during online shopping. Along with making the shopping safe and convenient, it saves huge portion of time. Don’t know why Apple has pulled it from the expected list. Hopefully it will again enter their RADAR soon. There are also some reports which claims that Apple will list it as a coming soon feature. It will keep the entire user excited.

iOS 7 will reach the iPhone 5, iPad Mini and 4S surface on 18 September 2013. You can get complete details from this report. Most likely they will launch it around 10 AM PST. Some attractive features like AirDrop, iTunes Radio are already confirmed by for this new variant.

If we refer from the official page of Apple then it is listed that iCloud Keychain will be coming very soon to iOS 7. What it means, will they launch it on 18 September? Or it will come as an extra update after some days of official iOS 7 launches. Sadly no one knows for now.

Apple has also claimed to provide a new way to multi-tasking. It will be smarter than ever. According to them this new way of multi-tasking will let you complete all the things within time with lots of fun and enjoyable stuff. Control Center is a new feature that is entering iOS 7 this time. Though all the features will be new but the central backbone will be same so that no user will have to suffer from the confusions of complete new UI.

Company has improved the camera part with all new modes and scenes like panorama shooting, HDR mode, square shape etc. All these new tools which magnify the overall camera performance.

So be ready for world’s most popular and brilliant mobile OS which is going to be released on 18 September 2013 (words from Apple).



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