Wednesday, 18 September 2013

How to install Galaxy S4 similar ROM on Galaxy ACE 2 I8160


Samsung Galaxy S4 is the current flagship from company. It is among the top Android smartphones that we have right now on the global stage. Various Android developers have inherited its features inside their ROMs but have you ever imagined a ROM that is based on the entire UI of Galaxy S4. Let me explain for non-technical users. Have you ever imagined something that can transform your Android smartphone into Galaxy S4? Not all Android users but Galaxy ACE 2 I8160 aspirants can certainly rejoice their phone with a custom ROM that is based on S4’s interface.

Along with standard ROM, I am going to give one GApps package that is stuffed with all new features from Google. It includes Goole Now, new G Mail, Play Store, Google Plus etc. The ROM itself houses plethora of features like fast notification, reliable security, smooth transitions etc. it is less venerable to viruses and all other threats. This ROM is developed by Cyanogen mod team who are known for excellence from always. Please don’t wait for the official notification about firmware update from Samsung. They might take several years for developing and porting Android 4.2 or 4.3 or 4.4 ROM for Galaxy ACE 2.

Please follow this set of pre-requisites. Also don’t forget to enable USB as Debugging option in your ACE 2. You can check it from Settings>>Development menu. You need to root your ACE 2 prior to try this tutorial. You may use Google for getting details about rooting stuff. You will easily find it there. If possible then please install some custom Recovery too.


1. Download the firmware and GApps to computer.
2. Transfer these files to mobile through USB cable.
3. Now follow these steps carefully.

In the third step (the link I have mentioned above), you will have to boot your ACE 2 to recovery mode. For doing it, first of all power OFF your mobile and then power it ON with continuous hold on Vol. Up + Power keys. This combination should be correct and you are required to maintain the hold until you are getting booted to recovery mode (you will see related notification there). In the recovery mode, please perform Wipe Cache operation. It will wipe out contents of previous ROM to give appropriate space for new custom ROM.

After applying this ROM on ACE 2 you will see a new UI with better notifications and buttery transitions. You can further check the firmware level from Settings>>About Phone menu.



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