Friday, 27 September 2013

How to root all Spice Smartphones with one common tutorial


Rooting is a next level process (technical) that is used for unblocking the boot loader of any smartphone/tablet. Boot loader is the set of codes that loads the OS on boot. In short it manages the entire system once it is booted. It is the same program that resists you to make custom changes inside the entire system. If you can somehow decode its content then you can very easily transform your complete smartphone/tablet. Rooting is the process which is capable of unblocking the boot loader. Once your boot loader is unblocked, you can easily transform your simple smartphone into a super smart machine.

Here in this article I am going to share one common tutorial that will root most of the Spice smartphones. The tool which I am going to discuss here is best compatible with Spice smartphones that operates on Android 4.0 ICS or above systems. However you can still give a try to your smartphones that works on Android 2.3 Gingerbread or anything like. Most likely it is not going to hurt your smartphone in any way but please be sure to keep a backup of your phone. Rather I will advise you to check out these pre-requisites completely.

The best thing I love about rooting is that it gives us the chance to become developer. It allows us to perform root level customizations in our smartphones. Root level customizations include CPU clocking up, improved security, better file handling etc. features. Moreover you can do this all with help of automated apps.

How to root Spice smartphones

At first let me reveal the smartphone’s list with whom this tutorial will work smoothly. So it will work with:

• Spice Stellar Glamour Mi-436
• Pinnacle FHD Mi-525
• Coolpad Mi-515
• Stellar Virtuoso Pro+ Mi-492
• Stellar Pinnacle Pro Mi-535
• Stellar Horizon Pro Mi-505
• Coolpad 2 Mi-496
• Stellar Virtuoso Pro Mi-491
• Stellar Virtuoso Mi-495
• Smart Flo Pace 2 Mi-502
• Stellar Mi-425
• Stellar Pinnacle Mi-530
• Stellar Nhance Mi-435
• Stellar Craze Mi-355

According to its base, this tutorial should work with all the Spice mobiles that company will launch with Android 4.0 ICS+ extension. Now let we step further towards the main tutorial. Follow these steps to root any of the above Spice smartphones:

1. Download and extract this tool to your computer’s desktop.
2. Go to Settings menu on your smartphone. Check in Development or Accessibility section and tick the USB as Debugging option.
3. Now connect the smartphone with PC. Please use original USB cable for this task.
4. Go to the extracted folder and check for a file named RunMe.bat
5. Open it and wait.
6. Once you get the command prompt, press “1” for continue.

All the things are almost done now. Wait till you receive the result notification. After that you can remove the USB chord and can reboot your phone.


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