Monday, 30 September 2013

[How To] v2.18.707.5 firmware based Android 4.2.2 Jellybean OTA update for HTC One X+


HTC One X+ has just received the official Android 4.2.2 OTA update is India. At present this OTA update is limited to some specified regions but it will positively cover other regions in comings weeks for sure. HTC is continuing its update process from last year continuously. In a very quick session they have provided the update for smartphones like HTC One X, HTC Butterfly etc. The best thing I like about HTC OTA updates is their bug free nature. Generally most of the ROM upgrades (even official) come with factory of bugs stuffed inside. But this is not the case with brand like HTC.

HTC use to develop ROMs with superb patience and quality. The type of quality they provides inside their ROMs is quite amazing and un-parallel. With this latest update, they have tried their level best to wrap down all the essential things inside one single bundle. Based on Android 4.2.2 environment it is loaded with plethora of other high end features (I’m going to discuss later). Android 4.2.2 will provide you very high level smoothness with compatibility with millions of outstanding apps on Play Store. It enwraps some of the best software features that we have right now in industry.

Complete features are as below:
• HTC BlinkFeed is integrated with the complete UI that provides high class picture quality with less flickering
• Android 4.2.2 Jellybean inherited features like lock screen, typing gestures etc.
• New music channels
• AE/AF lock to provide smooth experience for camera shooting and capturing
• Battery percentage can now be shown at the task bar. Till now you was able to view the battery level only
• Quick settings menu with 12 toggles
• Sleep mode is added in power settings (notification styled)
• Lots more

How To

This update is rolled via Over the Air (OTA) module. You don’t need to perform any kinds of critical steps for having it. According to official they will automatically notify you once this update will be available in your regions. This ROM is based on v2.18.707.5 firmware and measures 408.79 MB in space.

So before trying the OTA method please makes ensure that you are in connectivity of a network that can download up to 408 MB easily. I am sure that it will not work with usual 2G networks so please don’t try it with 2G. 3G might dumb you somewhere in between the process so if possible then try to install this ROM with Wi-Fi network only.

For manual checking, please visit Settings>>About>>Software Updates menu. It will drop down the entire details about OTA update.



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