Monday, 16 September 2013

How to root and install CWM/TWRP custom recovery on Oppo Find 5 smartphone


Oppo Find 5 is a high class powerful smartphone from company that is pre-equipped with lots of high end features. It is the perfect alternative for all who want to taste high end features at best lowest price tag. This smartphone comes with the power of 1.5 GHz dual core processor paired with GB RAM. All these specs are usually seen with high price tagged gadgets/smartphones like Galaxy S4, Note series etc. all I can say is that Oppo has shocked most of the Android geeks with Find 5. Also it was the main reason why we have seen such tremendous growth in sale graphics of Oppo.

But with whatever features an Android smartphone comes with, we can’t utilize it to max until we have rooted and installed custom recovery on it. Same is the case with Find 5. You can use it to further heights after installing recovery on it. Here I am going to describe a detailed procedure on how to root and install CWM/TWRP recovery on Oppo Find 5.

Taking about the rooting after advantages, then it will transform it completely. After rooting, you will be able to make custom changes inside Find 5. These custom changes include better apps, games, developments etc. you will even be able to upshift the ROM base to new Android versions. CPU clocking up, file management etc are some other common things which can be done after rooting easily (with help of apps only). But one thing that can disappoint you completely is that it will damage your Find 5’s warranty.

Main Tutorial

1. Download Framaroot tool to your computer.
2. Go to Settings>>Security and enable Unknown Sources option.
3. Move the downloaded Framaroot tool to mobile’s SD card.
4. Open it and install the Super SU app.
5. Now tap or select the Gandalf option. Very probably, it will root your Find 5. But in case it is unable to do so then you can try agron option.
6. Verify the rooting status from Root Checker App (from Play Store).

Now you have rooted your phone. Up next I am going to brief the instructions for installing CWM/TWRP recovery.

1. First of all download the Recovery File to computer.
2. Via USB, move it to mobile’s SD card.
3. Now install it.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted and installed Recovery on your Oppo Find 5. Now you can use all custom packages on your phone. After installing the Recovery, you will have to reboot it. With first reboot, you will be asked for accepting the Superuser app permissions (if all the things go right). Accept it ans start enjoying the transformed gadget.



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