Friday, 27 September 2013

Smart NaMo Saffron Two VS Micromax Canvas Doodle 2 with real winner


Finally that time has arrived when people are switching to wide screen palm machines. Wide/large screen trend was started with devices like tablets, ultra books etc. Later on it was successfully handled by machines called phablets. But now mobile companies have started testing customers with a screen that is bigger than normal mobile/phablet and smaller than regular tablets. Slowly and slowly mobile companies are thinning the difference between a smartphone and tablet.

This month we have come across two such wide screen gadgets. I am talking about MMX Canvas Doodle 2 A240 and Smart NaMo Saffron Two which showcases wider screen than usual smartphones. Here I am going to compare both these smartphone with an estimated conclusion of the real champion. Please not that both the phones retails at different price slots and are available in almost all the online as well as offline stores across country.

Smart NaMo Saffron Two VS Micromax Canvas Doodle 2

Full charted comparison can be seen from this image:

OS, connectivity and front camera are the only three things that are matching in both the smartphones. It means it is going to be a nice comparison as most of the specs are different here.

Both the phones come with wider screen than usual. Both feature a screen size that is not compatible with normal pockets. You will have to use your back pocket or some extra case for holding these smartphones. From the quality aspect I think Canvas Doodle 2 will deliver some real value as its resolution is limited to smaller screen size. Capacitive touch is used with both the smartphones which ensures high quality touch experience and functions like pinch to zoom, swipes etc.

On the software end, Doodle 2 again seems to be on the leading edge with features like blow to unlock, smart call, smart answer etc. it doesn’t makes any heavier difference but still these are some additional features for which Canvas 4 has got the Rs. 4K higher price tag than Canvas HD.

On the process end, NaMo 2 clearly defeats the Doodle 2 with a better 1.5 GHz clocking that is smartly paired up with 2GB RAM. It is way better than Doodle 2. Same is the case with front camera and memory (internal). 12 GB user accessible memory is good enough to store heavy volumes but it is nothing in front of 32 GB of NaMo 2.

NaMo 2 needs a stronger battery than Doodle 2. It equips 550 mAh stronger battery than Doodle 2. Battery wise both the smartphones are expected to provide very similar backup as NaMo 2’s battery have to power 6.5 inch screen whereas A240’s battery needs to deal with 5.7 inch screen only.

Price is the main factor that will decide the real champion here. NaMo 2 and Doodle 2 retails with a Rs. 6K+ price difference. In India Rs. 6K is huge and you can even have some decent phone with this additional 6K value.


It depends on your own choice. If you want to have a wide screen device with world class multi-tasking and huge memory space then nothing will be better than NaMo 2. On the other hand, Doodle 2 wins the race in terms of decent screen, affordable price and high end software features.



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