Saturday, 21 September 2013

Update Samsung Galaxy GRAND I9082 with Official XXUBMHF firmware Android 4.2.2 Jellybean ROM


Few days back, Samsung had launched one exclusive ROM for Galaxy GRAND I9082 smartphone. That ROM was built on XXUBMHF firmware with extension to Android 4.2.2 Jellybean surface. Most of the users have already applied that ROM update through OTA method. But still there are some users who are waiting it to reach their regions through OTA network. No one can assure you about when it will land in your region.

There must be an alternative and in case of Samsung the alternative should be accurate and reliable. Here I am going to talk about one such alternative which will install the official Android 4.2.2 ROM on your Galaxy Grand. It is a manual method which carries the same ROM and is very useful in all the regions where OTA update can’t be applied or is delayed because of several reasons.

Well talking about its features then it is based on 4.2.2 Jellybean environment. It means a lot from software aspect. This Android version ensures full use of Play Store with plethora of games and apps (movies, books etc too). Secondly it comes from official source which means it will not affect mobile security (warranty, features) in any manner. Usually most of the ROMs with manual methods affect warranty in a negative manner. Bug fixation is also there which improves the overall features. With this ROM you will experience a whole new world of smooth transitions and fluidity.

Official Android 4.2.2 JB for Samsung Galaxy Grand

1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Download Firmware Package to your computer.

This ROM is integrated with Odin too. I have already summed up all the instructions which are required with Odin. You can find step by step details from here. This link even contains the sources for Odin download. It is one of the safest and easy to use tool which is used with Samsung smartphones. It is usually used for manual flashing f official ROMs.

In Odin process, you will have to perform a crucial step which is called DOWNLOAD MODE BOOT. Download Mode is an advanced mode which is used for interfacing Odin with Smartphone and Computer. To do this, first of all turn OFF your Galaxy Grand and then turn it ON with Vol. Up and Home key combinations. If you find it bit crucial then you can also take help from automated software’s like ROM Manager App. You can anytime restart this process (in case of errors) by removing the battery of Galaxy Grand.



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