Saturday, 12 October 2013

[GUIDE] Android 4.3 Liquid Jellybean for Galaxy SL I9003


Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 has received its first custom Android 4.3 Jellybean ROM update. As there is no news from official end about when Samsung will launch such Android iteration for Galaxy SL, so it would be better to install it through manual custom way. I am going to guide you completely here. But at first let we have a general discussion. Galaxy SL is one of the hidden smartphone from Samsung (from development’s point of view). I have hardly heard about official updates for this quality piece. But all thanks to custom developers who use to come up with latest iterations of the popular Android OS.

If officials are to be believed then it is a stable ROM with very less bugs and previous bug’s fixation properties. It is based on latest Android version (I am saying so because Android kitKat is not launched yet) which provides it a treasure full house of plethora of features. Well with this ROM you will find a new interface flooded with smooth transitions and eye catching material. All in all you are going to find it useful and better than your current/previous ROM.

Installation part is quite simpler and requires basic knowledge of rooting steps. Please root and install custom recovery on your Galaxy SL. Once you have both these things live on your phone, you are eligible for having this update. In the update process, you are required to keep your phone, USB, computer with internet along with you.

How To

1. Download ROM kit to your computer.
2. Now follow these steps.

The “steps” I have mentioned in 2nd step will redirect you to a page which is stuffed with step by step detail about this update process. You can use this step after booting to Recovery Mode. For beginners, let me explain it a little. Recovery Mode is an extra privileged mode which is mainly reserved for such development work. It can be compared with normal booting/mode which is enter by pressing the Power key. In order to boot to recovery mode you have to use the combination Vol. Up + Menu + Power keys. Use this combination once you have turned OFF your phone.

It is a crucial and tough step for beginners as well as experienced users. In order to ease this process, you can take help from ROM Manger App. You can find it on Play Store easily. It is a simple app with all the necessary booting options. In general modules, you will see normal, download and recovery boot options there. You will have to choose recovery boot option here.



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