Friday, 4 October 2013

Android 4.3 ROM update for Samsung Galaxy SL I9003


Samsung Galaxy SL I9003 is a hidden kind of smartphone that is not known like other Galaxy phones. Main reason about why its conditions are it specs. Its specs (stocked one) are not that attractive for which Galaxy series is known for. But now I am going to sock you with the update that you can install Android 4.3 Jellybean inside your Samsung Galaxy SL I9003. For checking out the detailed guide about the same you don’t need to go anywhere else, I am going to brief all the minor as well as major steps here.

This update will mainly target your hone’s UI (in a positive way). It will make that more attractive, responsive and fast. According to developers it is going to be a bug free ROM but we will have to check for their words. Please let we know if you are facing any sorts of bug or something like after installing this ROM in your phones.

Samsung is yet to announce something special (from development aspect) for this super smartphone. Till now they are very lazy towards developing something additional for this piece. It is the reason why people are not looking towards buying Galaxy SL more. This process needs your device to be rooted as well installed with some custom recovery. All these things are complicated and require good command over customizations part. So please go for this procedure only if you are experience in development field. Otherwise the things might turn to the opposite phase and you will see everything going away from your end. Better if you ask some developer friend for help (if you have any). Please carefully checkout these pre-requisites to ensure minimum risk from this process. You need to back up your data prior to main process. You can use any software tool (except Kies) for it.

How To

1. Download the Android 4.3 JB ROM from here.
2. Now follow these steps carefully.

This process can be applied in RECOVERY MODE only. For that you will have to boot your smartphone to receiver mode. There is no direct way to do so. Please use ROM Manager App (from Play Store) for this purpose. You will get complete instructions about recovery boot from the link I have mentioned in 2nd step. Once everything is done, reboot your phone and check the firmware version from Settings>About Phone menu. It should show Android 4.3 Jellybean there.



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