Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Angry Birds Go full trailer and downloading details


Angry Birds are soon coming to carts. Angry Birds is one of the most successful Android games that have kept us entertained for years now. Now Rovio has decided to take the bird’s fun to Cart Racing tracks. They are going to launch “Angry Birds Go” very soon with a free download tag. As the name reflects, it is going to be a racing game where all favourite birds will race against pigs and several other obstacles. They are going to stuff this addition with lots of high end and interesting features. Some of these include:

• 3D experience with complete racing environment
• Upgradable objects like karts, powers etc
• Different levels for racing
• Different environment with different settings
• Unique powers to each special character
• Full on bang
• Very nice eye catching appearance
• Lots more

Officials have confirmed that they will release it globally on 11 December 2013. It will be listed on stores of all major brands like Android, Windows, BlackBerry and Apple. So this time Rovio is going to target all the popular stores with very initial impact. Till now they were moving with Android as their basic and most important store. It will provide them an extra layer which can be used to collect extra revenue and optimizations.

They have released the official trailer of Angry Birds Go. You can watch it from their official web portal. From the trailer, it is clear that it is going to be a regular racing game with attractive layouts, special elements, hard/soft roads and different kinds of opponents. The kind of flow this game provides through first trailer is awesome. All the curves looks so realistic with full racing skills and all.

Player can upgrade their car from a simple low end basic car to a super flying box. According to official blog post, this game comes with lots of tricky situations. You can earn extra points/levels by performing various degrees of air stunts. You will find some hidden modes too. All in all it is a fun filled game that is going to thrill you with its realistic environment, 3D interface, stunts, power-ups and all.

It is going to be the 8th game in overall Angry Birds addition. You can compare this game with popular cart racing games like Sonic and Sega, Super Mario Cart etc. This game has inherited TELEPODS feature from Angry Birds Star Wars II addition. This feature lets you save major portion of valuable time during the race. I will come with the downloading links on 11 December 2013.



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