Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Apple reduces the 5c manufacturing by 20% says reports


There was a time when none of the company (global) was able to stand against the brand Apple. After Steve Jobs everyone was wondering on how Apple will be able to keep its market share to same level. Very sadly everything got washed away (to great measure) with Steve Jobs. He was the one who had pitches the company’s sale to new records every time. Apple was recognized as best smartphone’s company all over the world. I still remember those miles long queues when Apple uses to unveil their flagship. Even in India (which is far away from the Apple’s origin) we have seen such response for Apple products.

But now it seems that gone were the days when we have to stand in long-long lines to get a glimpse of our favourite Apple smartphone or to buy it. If reports are to be believed then Apple has decided to drop it manufacturing rate for iPhone 5C by 20% (slighter lesser). Officials have decided it for the last quarter of 2013. If it is true then what it means? Are they really undergoing through critical/crucial situations or it is just to promote other products. Whatever be the reason but you might see less 5c pieces in market now.

According to reports, Pegatron Corp (one of the major Apple products manufacturers) has revealed that they will slow down the manufacturing to slighter less than 20% (obviously no details about the person who have said all these things is leaked because of sensitive information).
v Both Apple 5c and 5s seem to be jumbling with one another. In the very first sales report, Apple has mentioned that they have sold 9 million 5c and 5s pieces in just first 3 days. They haven’t announced anything separately for both the smartphones. Price tags might be the biggest reason for this accident. Both the phones clashes almost in terms of price. Premium 5s is priced $100 above 5c and 5s houses plethora of high end specs in comparison to 5c. I think users were going towards 5s because of this narrow price difference. It might be the reason why they have reduces the manufacturing by almost 20% for last 3 months of 2013.

Apple 5s is listed for $649 for the 16 GB variants. 5c costs $100 less for the same module. This is all what we can gather for now. Please take a minute and share your views about this big news in smartphone world.



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