Monday, 14 October 2013

Binatone App Star Android tablet complete features and price detail


Binatone the famous electronics company has launched a new kid’s tablet. This tablet is designed especially by keeping the goals of small kids in mind. This tablet works in two main modes. One mode is dedicated to kid’s application and the second mode is for general regular use (by parents of elders). Till now various other companies has launched such kid oriented accessories (digital one) and most of them has generated good revenue on sales scale.

It is an Android based tablet cum PC that is developed for kids of 4 years or above. It comes with very easy to use interface that makes it a complete kids oriented digital goodie. You will find lots of kid related stuff inside this tablet. Moreover it is built on powerful hardware and software, so you will not find any system related problems with this tablet.

Binatone App Star tablet specs

Binatone App Star comes with a 7 inch screen that can be bootable in two simple modes. One mode is named kids and the other is parents mode. You can easily switch between both the modes from parental control menu. It runs on Android platform but sadly no detail about Android iteration is available yet. I think it will have minimum Android 4.0 ICS or above operating system.

It is secured with a plastic cover that provides it security against all kinds of sudden drops and shocks. It can even resist the drop from the height of a normal table. It is pre-loaded with various kids related items like interactive games, music, educational apps, camera, e-books etc. Developers have added games of different zones. There are some games from educational zone too. These can help your child with improving various fields like English, mathematics, Science etc. All the games are interactive and doesn’t bore anywhere in between.

It has Wi-Fi connectivity option that allows you to connect with the world through the esteemed power of internet. Its battery provides approx. 4 hours usage time/backup. It comes with password protection and firewalled browsing option. Firewalled Browsing is a very useful feature that helps all the parents with safe internet browsing. It is a must have app for all parents who wants to decide what their kids should access on internet.

So it comes with:
• 7 inch screen
• Capacitive touch
• Dual modes
• Android based operations
• Wi-Fi connectivity
• 4 hours battery backup

Price and availability

Binatone App Star tablet is launched for Rs. 9,999. It will be retailed through all the major online commerce stores. No details about offline availability can be redeemed as of now.



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