Sunday, 20 October 2013

How To: CM 10.2 based AvatarROM 4.0 ROM update for Sony Xperia Z


Sony Xperia X has received CM 10.2 based Android 4.3 Jellybean update. This update will bring all latest software features to one of the Sony’s biggest giant. Xperia Z is an ultra-high level smartphone from company that is doing very well for the company these days. This upgrade is going to let you taste the environment of freshly launched Android iteration by Google. If you are happy with the stock ROM and have less knowledge about such development things then you can stay with the official stock ROM as well. This is not the official ROM update so it will void your Xperia Z’s warranty in all the manners. So according to me this process is for geeks and high class developers only (who knows switching and managing between ROMs effectively).

Coming on the features list then this ROM is going to modify following sections of your super smartphone:
• New dialling pad with vibrant response
• Easy and effective Bluetooth pairing
• Trim feature for better backup
• Fresh environment with fluidic response
• Less bugs
• Connectivity section improved
• Looks eye catching
• Lots more

All in all this ROM upgrade is going to entertain you with hosts of features that pints to latest iteration with the compatibility to pair up small power Bluetooth models. Please go through these pre-requisites one by one.

These pre-requisites become essential especially in case when you are new with development world and are taking the risk to install this custom ROM in place of official one. This ROM is dubbed as AvatarROM 4.0 based on CM 10.2 environment. After this you can follow this method:

1. Download AvatarROM 4.0 and Gapps to computer.
2. Now follow these steps.

The “steps” I have linked in 2nd step points to a complete tutorial (5-7 steps) which I have already written for flashing such custom packages on Android devices. For using this tutorial you will have to boot your Xperia Z into Recovery Mode. You can do it by:

Turning OFF the smartphone and then turning it ON with Vol. Up + Vol. Down keys combination. I mean to say you have to use Power + Vol. Up + Vol. Down combination for this special task. Please perform it accurately as it decides the overall result. If you miss the first chance then please keep trying it again and again (till you get booted properly).

After the complete process please head over to Settings>>About Phone menu and look upon the Android Version. You have followed all the steps correctly only if it shows Android 4.3 there.



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