Friday, 18 October 2013

Download and install Facebook v10.2.2 update for BB10


After so long finally one good news is there for BlackBerry users. This news is for BB10 users only. This company has seen the journey from ground to sky and then from sky to ground. There was a time when BlackBerry was a great contender of mobile holders in global market. But with time and especially with evolution in Android, everything got slipped from their hands. Now the company is in loss and in someone other’s hand. I hope they will recover their previous status very soon.

Well talking about the good news then Facebook for BB10 is upgraded to v10.2.2 version. This new version brings plethora of new features that focuses on providing a decent facebooking experience all the time. Developers have brought some custom high level changes/modifications inside previous version. These changes will let you improve your social time with meaningful conversations and settings. There are some special features that will provide you a chance to save some time with attractive options (inside those features).

With the new v10.2.2 version you can directly share your friends update to any group, media list, messages or even on someone other’s wall. Now you can see the time when your message will be read at the receiver’s end (this feature is there with other platforms). This feature sometimes pains you only. You can customize your status/photos with help of Facebook app only. You can modify and delete them with that app. Landscape view is also enabled which allows you to view photos in landscape mode. This mode is best suited for cover photos. You can preview all the links before posting or using them. This will keep you protected from scummy stuff (provided you use it wisely). This updated version even allows you to watch videos in similar landscape mode. Landscape mode provides you the extra space where you can enjoy viewing on a comparative (than vertical mode) wider screen. It is all this new v10.2.2 version of Facebook comes with.

These features are of high end in nature and provide you a better way to access/use Facebook more affectively.

How to update

In case you haven’t received any update notification I your BB10 panel then you can directly download the updated FB App from BB World. There it is available for free and you can install it like any other normal app. Please be sure to un-install the old FB App before going for the new one (before installing it).



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