Saturday, 12 October 2013

Download and install Instagram for Android v4.2


Instagram for Android has been just updated to Instagram v4.2from the old v4.1 version. Instagram has received the last update during August 2013. That update has brought the option for uploading direct phone library videos on your network. This feature was loved by Instagram audience. Everyone thought that this is the best update that has happened so far but just after that, they updated it for iOS. In that update, few more changes were added (minor) to the old interface (which was released for Android).

From that day, all Android users who use Instagram are waiting for the similar kind of update. So in order to satisfy all the users there, officials has come with the latest update that is going to bring lots of new changes to old interface. I am going to jot down complete features here but let me tell you one thing. This update is stable one and you should try it on any cost. This update is a try to immerse the difference between iOS and Android platforms.

Instagram for Android v4.2 overlook and features

Developers have kept all the previous things/features as it is. They have added few more features which are:

• Automatic Straightening
The same feature was there on previous iOS update. This feature lets you clarify your photos which are captured through Instagram camera. It is an easy to use feature that works with simple tapping on the Straightening icon. Slider is also added to this high end feature. This slider lets you rotate your photos up to 90 degrees.

• Simplified Video Setting
This option lets you mute the sound during video playback. It also gives you the option to pre-load videos through Wi-Fi network only. It saves the bandwidth which in turn saves the internet data.

• Control data usage
This option can be enabled during normal video playback. This is an extension to simplified video settings.

• Lots more


The new updated Instagram app is available on Play Store. The app which is listed there is updated with all these new features. You can download it from here. You might also update it through manual update option (check in your app settings). The new interface looks more vibrant and provides crystal clear quality with lots of automated additional features like straightening with tapping, video muting etc. with the rotate option, you can rotate your photo to any degree within the range 0-90 degrees. So download it and start enjoying the latest features.



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