Monday, 14 October 2013

How to apply/install Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update


Microsoft has brought the much awaited third update to Windows Phone 8. Earlier this update was named as GDR3 update. By seeing its features, it seems that Windows is now going to target next level smartphones with better hardware as well as software aspects. With the current architecture, there were some hardware limitations (mainly) with Windows Phone 8 platform. According to official development team, all such problems are addressed properly with this new update.

Features of Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update

Its main features include:
• Support for 5-6 inch displays
• Option to place 6 tiles on one screen
• Support to high resolution displays
• Powerful processors can now be used with Windows 8 base
• Wi-Fi hotspot improvements
• Overall internet interface is smoothened
• etc

Now let me explain its features in brief. More powerful processor and extension to bigger displays shows that now Windows OS can be used inside phablets or you can say tablets even (tablets are already there in market). It gives some hints about Nokia Lumia 1520. More tiles on one single screen shows now the effective area can be used with better efficiency.

Screen Reader App is there which provides easy interface for blind users. With this app, physically challenged persons (mainly blind users) can make, receive calls, emails easily. It even have the option to get notified about calendar alarm, phone warnings and various other notifications. Mobile Accessibility option is also added for suite purpose. Suits are important things between interfacing two smart devices.

The entire software part of new iteration has been changed with all new features and high end options. You will see modifications in every part of the menu (almost). This “every part” includes screen orientation, ringtones, Bluetooth, contacts etc.

Talking about one major modification then it brings “Driving Mode” to surface. As the name says this mode proves its worth when the user is driving some kind of vehicle. It prevents his/her mobile from receiving various alerts/notifications regarding calls, messages and emails. You can even set some sort of automatic replies during driving mode. It will keep your focus active on driving only.

Frankly speaking then I am loving all the features that this new update is going to provide. I am even thinking of switching to Windows from Android (let’s see).

How to apply GDR3 WP8 update

In the official conference, company has said that they will bring this update from coming week. They hadn’t said anything about first regions, carriers, smartphones etc. They have also confirmed that it will take several weeks/months for reaching to global audience. I think this update will get rolled in India somewhere around November mid or end 2013. For applying this update (when it will be available in your area) you only need to download some source files. All the instructions will be provided to you by the officials.



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