Sunday, 20 October 2013

How to install Ubuntu OS inside Nexus 4 smartphone


Talking about the OS industry then Ubuntu can be considered as the synonym of high level security with very user friendly interface (after a certain extent). It provides an environment that is suited for all kinds of developers and professional users out there. The kind of response Ubuntu interface comes with is really awesome and enjoyable. Till now you might have seen it in PC’s or laptops. There are some special devices/bases where it appears on mobile machines even.

Just imagine what would be the case if you can use Ubuntu inside Nexus series smartphones? All this can be made possible with a simple manual tutorial through flash tool. It requires you to have basic computer knowledge with DOS working environment. If you know interfacing with DOS environment then you can very easily install this update on your Nexus device. This Ubuntu update is launched exclusively for Nexus 4.

Before heading towards the main tutorial (which might appear I little complex) please have a look at the pre-requisites section. You are advised to follow these pre-requisites completely. Please proceed further after following these steps carefully. These are very simple steps which will help you with accidental cases. Please try this procedure in presence of strong internet network. If possible then try it in Wi-Fi (stable and fast one) only.

Ubuntu for Nexus 4

Follow these steps:
1. Download and install the ADB environment from
2. Download Ubuntu package and place it inside ADB Tools. Please use adb-tools or in adb-platforms folder for this operation.
3. Once done, connect your Nexus 4 to computer (via USB cable).
4. Open command prompt and enter these commands:

5. Turn OFF your smartphone.
6. Now turn it again ON with combination of Vol. Up + Vol. Down buttons. It will lead you to Bootloader mode.
7. Open command prompt on computer and “udo fastboot oem unlock” on smartphone.
8. Enter this command now: phablet-flash ubuntu-system –no-backup
9. This command will start flashing the downloaded package inside your Nexus 4.

It will take around 4-5 minutes for flashing the ROM file inside your Nexus smartphone. As you might have experience that it is a high end tutorial that is for professional level moderators only. I will not suggest you to go with this particular tutorial if you are new to Android/development world. It might cause various bugs inside your smartphone so please be extra careful. Also please don’t try it without complete installation of ADB bundle inside your computer system.



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