Monday, 14 October 2013

How to root Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle with Frama Tool


After so long I am here with a complete step by step tutorial for rooting your MMX A111 Canvas Doodle. Micromax Doodle is a popular smartphone series that comes with the magic of stylus. This series actually reminds the Note series from Samsung. Most of the users hesitate of buying a MMX gadget just because of the lack of development tools. But gone are the days when development was a limitation for MMX smartphones. Today is the time when Indian brands like MMX, Karbonn etc are too receiving proper care from development aspect (it may be from custom as well as official sources). For any kind of custom development like ROM updates, recovery installation you need to root your smartphone first. Here I am going to guide you with a proper tutorial about how to root Micromax A111 Canvas Doodle.

After rooting, you will have to option to flash custom packages inside this super stylus smartphone. You will also be able to download some special very high end apps from Play tore that can completely change the outlook of your smartphone (from S/W as well as H/W side). These special apps can do wonder in terms of clocking p the CPU, managing all the apps in a better way, providing better security/backup and various other tasks.

How to root MMX Canvas Doodle A111

1. Download Frama Root package to computer. Please use this link to download it.
2. Extract it on desktop (create some new folder on desktop and extract it there). It will provide you an APK.
3. Now with the help of original USB cable, move the extracted Frama Root tool to mobile (A111).
4. Remove the USB connection and open this app (on your smartphone). 5. Once you open the app, you will see various options. Select Gandalf Exploit there.
6. After this you will get a full onscreen guide after following which your Canvas Doodle will get rooted in minute. Usually it takes around 5-6 minutes for completion of complete rooting process. This time may get varied depending upon your selection pattern.

That’s how you can root your MMX Doodle. You can check its status with help of root checker app (from Play Store). Till now I haven’t seen any custom ROM for Canvas Doodle but by seeing the rate of custom developments for the company I am sure that this smartphone will too receive such custom update in coming days. Rooting will void the warranty of your Doodle so please be alert before trying this tutorial.



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