Sunday, 13 October 2013

How to root various Lenovo smartphones/tablets


Lenovo is a popular brand which is known for excellence since many last years. Till now they were mainly focusing on laptop niche (they still have great hold on international laptop market) but now they have started thinking about palm devices. For past few months/years they are launching new technology based smartphones. At present they have more than 20 Android smartphones in their database. Yesterday I got one mail from a customer who was using Lenovo a516. He asked me about how to root it. I briefed him all the instructions and helped him rooting his smartphone.

Now I have decided to provide a common rooting tutorial that will work with most of the Lenovo smartphones. Although this tutorial is developed for Android 4.0 ICS or above systems only but you can still give it a try with older versions (no risks). One thing more, please don’t blame me if it didn’t works for your mobile, because I haven’t tested it on all the Lenovo smartphones which I am going to list below.

If you are landing on this page then I think you are already aware of the term rooting. But some beginners might be there so let me explain its meaning, advantage and disadvantages. Rooting is a developer level process for Android smartphones that provides users a chance to make custom modifications in their smartphones. Custom modifications include, custom ROMs, recoveries, GApps, any flash package, clocking up the processor, improving security etc. this all can be done after you have rooted your smartphone. Now let me come to the con part. Rooting is going to demolish your smartphone’s warranty. So I will not suggest you to try rooting on a refreshed new smartphone (especially for beginners).

The phones that can be rooted with this common tutorial are:
• Lenovo IdeaPhone S890
• Lenovo A390
• Lenovo K900
• Lenovo A60+
• Ideaphone A706
• Ideaphone S920
• S880
• IdeaPhone S720
• A800
• Arizona S560
• K860
• S820
• P780
• IdeaPhone P770
• Ideaphone S920
• Ideaphone A690
• A706
• S920
• S720
• IdeaPhone S880
• P700i
• A369i
• A516
• A850

I will keep modifying this list. As said already you can give this tutorial a try on any of the Lenovo smartphone (Android only).

How to root Lenovo smartphones

Follow this tutorial:
1. Download the rooting kit on your computer.
2. Place the file on desktop and extract it.
3. Now take USB chord and connect your Lenovo smartphone with computer.
4. Go to extracted folder and run the RunMe.bat file. You will see one command prompt window like this:

5. Press “1” for rooting your device.

I hope it will work for you.



  1. Rooting kit not available.. please fix it

    1. Here is the file man

  2. not working in lenovo a516

  3. i tried to root a516,it say suceed..but not

  4. I just purchased a lenovo n308 android all in one computer and am wondering if this process will work for it.

    1. Hi noble
      have you done rooting process successfully on lenovo n308 ?
      kindly reply asap .