Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How to update Firefox to Firefox v1.1 with complete features list


It’s just one month ago when Mozilla has launched its first FirFox OS and today after hardly 30 days gap they have rolled out a major update for it. This update is based on Firefox version 1.1 base and brings plethora of new features inside that stock. So it will update your old Firfox OS to new Firefox v1.1 model. Please keep reading for detailed guide and sample features.

According to developers they have done lots of changes to the stock OS which is clearly seen from the first rebooting (once you have installed this ROM update on your Firefox smartphones). This thing is clear from the features list too. They have provided a very high set of list of features which contains updates from each and every sector of the phone. So this update is going to target the old Firefox OS from every single part and you will be able to rejoice the fruitful experience of newly carved, bug free environment.

Features of Firefox v1.1

• Smart dialling is there which saves the extra time by a smart way of direct calling system
• Now MMS (Multi-Media) files can be shared through Firefox OS. Multi-Media formats include pictures, videos, audio etc
• Keyboard is updated with an improvement in auto correction section
• Multi-tasking level is scaled up with faster transitions and app opening
• Music searching is now easy with powerful filtering that can search a song within seconds
• Audio clarity is better
• Contacts list is also updated with stylish one. The new contact list have better setting options
• Push Notification API. It is one of the major advancement that this update makes. It allows you to send timely notifications which reduces load from battery and increases its backup
• 15+ languages support (sorry no details about language list is available)
• Improvements in internal Firefox browser. Now you can save various contents through internal browser easily. It was there with old browser but this time developers have upgraded its quality
• Adaptive App search is now brought to the home screen’s centre
• Email Notifications are improved. You will see new styled email section. It will allow you to share text, image, audio’s and videos with more easy and high quality
• Calendar section is also improved
• Lots more

These are few major/minor changes which this new OS system upgrade will do inside Firefox system.

How To

No details about how to apply this update is released by officials. According to them it will be released very soon. In the first phase they might launch it for developers only (for feedback). So please wait and stay tuned for live details.



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