Wednesday, 9 October 2013

How To: XXUBMJ1 based Android 4.3 ROM update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is the latest flagship from Samsung under its Note series models. This smartphone or you can say the phablet is stuffed with some wonder level specifications that are alone enough to attract huge amount of crowd towards this wide screen gadget. I still remember the day when Samsung launched first wide screen gadget and they received sharp critics from users about size dimensions. But today it has become a trend to launch smartphones with 4.5 inch screen, 5 inch, 6 inch screens etc.

Although it is the current Note flagship but still users have faced some sort of performance issues/stacks with this phablet. In order to deliver the best satisfaction for users, Samsung has rolled out an official update for fixing all those issues. This update can be applied through Odin tool and it is available across each and every part of the globe. Here I am going to guide you through the required tutorial. This ROM is built on XXUBMJ1 firmware with Android 4.3 Jellybean extension. So it is going to stuff Jellybean 4.3 stock features inside your smart gadget.

Please DON’T root your Note 3 and also please don’t try to install recovery on it. You can apply this ROM with official conditions. In return, it will not void your Note 3’s warranty which itself claims the genuine-ness of this ROM. Not much detail about the list of bugs that this ROM will fix but one thing for sure, it will bring high level features to your high end machine. So now let’s check out the detailed tutorial.


1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Now download the XXUBMJ1 firmware from here.
3. Follow these instructions.

The instructions that I have linked in 3rd step will lead you to a page where I have already written a detailed guide about how to install download XXUBMJ1 package on Note 3 with Odin tool. For using Odin too, you will have to boot your Note 3 to Download Mode. Follow this simple step for doing it:
• Turn OFF Note 3. Press and hold Vol. Down + Home keys together. While pressing both the keys, press POWER key (don’t release the hold on first two keys). Maintain this combination till you see some Download mode notification.
• Download ROM Manger App from Play Store to do it in an automotive way

So this is how you can install the latest XXUBMJ1 based ROM update in Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Because of its safe nature, I will prefer this ROM process for beginners too. It would be better if you try this process in presence of high speed internet (as that can help you whenever you need some additional information’s quickly).



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