Monday, 21 October 2013

Lenvo A10: first Android tablet by company, specs and price


Android is now dominating each and every filed of global smartphones market. Its freeware nature is the thing that helps it spreading out very quickly with a tremendous growth. Before Android (in smartphone world) everything was going as usual and companies like Nokia, BlackBerry, Apple etc were ruling the global market completely. But Android pushed back all the famous companies and as a result two most famous companies Nokia and BB are sold out to other vendors.

With Android entering the PC/tablet world, Windows will be the biggest company that will have to look out very seriously. Although there are some limitations with Android which are going to be as such for next few years so other vendors like Windows can think about giving it tough competition with their products. At present you will not find any high end machine with Android base (in laptop/PC market).

Lenovo has tried something different and have launched Lenovo A10 Android powered laptop. It is the first Android powered laptop from company. As I said above that Android has some limitation, it is clearly seen from the A10’s initial impact. From the specs aspect, it doesn’t house that much high end features. All its features are very normal and if you read them without knowing the kind of device (that it is for laptop) then you will surely expect a smartphone from them.

It has a 10.1 inch HD display with 1366x768 pixels resolution. Best about its screen is its 300 degrees orientation. It can be oriented fully to 300 degrees that provides several viewing angles. It equips 155 ppi only. It is even less than a high end smartphone.

This tablet comes in dual boot mode. First one is stand mode and second is laptop mode. Stand mode gets activated whenever you flip it to any of those 300 angles. During this mode, it behaves like a smart tablet. In the laptop mode, it changes its interface with standard laptop potions at screen. You will see a new interface with task bar, icons etc in the home screen. You can activate its AccuType keyboard in laptop mode. It is a fully sized keyboard that we have on any normal laptop. In the stand mode, it becomes a touch screen tablet with touch oriented interface.

It is powered by a RK3188 A9 processor chip that has 4 layered CPU (quad core) with 1.6 GHz clocking and 1 GB RAM. It is one of the biggest limitations of this smart laptop. I don’t know what this laptop is going to deliver with 1 GB RAM only. Second limitation is its internal memory which is 16 GB only (however you can expand it easily). There is one VGA camera at front which can be used for video calls and capturing self-portraits. No power details about its battery are available but it can keep it charged for 9 continuous hours with normal video playback.

Lenovo A10 price

Its price and availability details are not unveiled by company yet. By seeing its nature and specs I think it will get priced somewhere around Rs. 15,000-20,000 in Indian market. Globally it might retail somewhere around $350-450.



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