Monday, 21 October 2013

Manual XXUEMJ5 firmware based Android 4.3 Jellybean ROM update for Galaxy S4


Samsung has officially upgrade Galaxy S4 to Android 4.3 base. That was rolled out through usual OTA method. The biggest drawback of such OTA method is the time delay that gets introduced because of the region limitations. Samsung has rolled out it in India yesterday. But still it will take several days to cover each and every region out there in country. So to avoid any kind of delay here comes one manual method through which you can update your Galaxy S4 with official XXUEMJ5 firmware based Android 4.3 Jellybean ROM.

XXUEMJ5 Firmware is the same firmware that is brought by Samsung in global update. It is going to provide awesome features with less power and Gear extension. Being an official upgrade, it will not harm Galaxy S4 from any measure. All in all you can anytime give it a try. If you have to choose between OTA and manual method (in case both are available in your area) then please go with OTA method. It is a simple method and don’t requires any special tools, complex tutorials etc.

In case no OTA is rolled out in your area and you want it as soon as possible, then you can freely go with the manual method. It is a simple method which can be installed with Odin tool.

XXUEMJ5 firmware for Galaxy S4

1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Download the XXUEMJ5 Package to your computer.
3. Now you need to flash this package inside your smartphone. You can do it by Odin tool. Please read and follow these instructions carefully.

Odin tool functions only in download mode. You can enter download mode in Galaxy S4 by this method:

At first power it OFF, then press Vol. Down and Home keys simultaneously and while pressing both the keys, turn it ON (through Power key). This combination will boot your Galaxy S4 in download mode. You will get one Dbooting confirmation on your screen. You may need to repeat this procedure again and again. If you find it bit tough or complex then you can give a try to ROM Manager App (please check Play Store for this app).

Once the downloaded firmware copy is flashed inside your Galaxy S4, please reboot it and check the firmware version from Settings>>About Phone menu. It should show Android 4.3 base there. You can also get a hint from the first interface. It should be changed with next level fluidity and transformations.



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