Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Spice Pinnacle Stylus Mi-550 complete features and price


Spice has launched a new high end high budgeted smartphone dubbed Spice Pinnacle Stylus Mi-550. As the name says it is going to come with stylus support that puts it ahead of smartphones like Canvas Doodle 2, Galaxy Note series etc. It is an ultimate try from Spice to come with something that will provide an additional option to all wide screen lovers out there. Also from the specs aspect it brings high end features to surface.

Pinnacle is a popular phablet series from Spice which is known for high end machines only. The only lack which I have seen with their system is the lack of promotion. Till now I haven’t seen any active promotion from their side. This might be the reason why people are not aware-d about their latest products.

Spice Pinnacle Stylus Mi-550 features

It flaunts a 5.5 inch 1280x720 pixels screen. At its price tag, most of the smartphones (almost all) wears same resolution. No complaints for this resolution (at this tag) but according to me they should migrate towards full HD displays now. It will provide them extra node to deal with active audience who are always looking towards new smartphones (new in terms of features).

It runs on Android 4.2 Jellybean OS which provides it a smooth and flexible interface. On the processor end it powers a quad core CPU with 1.2 GHz clocking and 1 GB RAM. It should deliver decent multi-tasking experience. It comes with dual SIM potion having 3G+3G options. Other features include:

• 8 MP rear, 2 MP FF camera
• Various sensors
• 8 GB ROM
• Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc connectivity
• 2500 mAh battery

From the camera point of view, it scores well with quality cameras. It even supports full HD video playback with various multi-tasking operations. You will not find any connectivity issues with this phone. 2500 mAh battery ensures to provide high quality strong backup with dual 3G Sims.

Price and availability

Mi-550 is launched for Rs. 15,999. At this price tag you will not find any other 5.5 inch Android smartphone (in India). So in terms of price there are no tough competitors for Mi-550 but if you scale your budget a bit up to Rs. 2-3 K then you will have the option of buying MMX Canvas Doodle 2. Like this Pinnacle phone it is too a wide screen device with better features than Mi-550. I will come up with a detailed comparison among both the phones.



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