Wednesday, 9 October 2013

UbiSlate 9Ci, 7Cx and 3G7 specification with price and buying details


Data Wind has never rested after the launch of world’s cheapest tablet Aakash. Sadly that project was a big miss and that failed completely. But it was not enough to keep them accelerating on their own track. Today they have a strong and huge database of different-different tablets (from specifications point of view). The main thing they use to keep inside their gadgets is the price point. Till now whatever tablet they may have announced it always comes with a reasonable and entry level price tag.

Now they have launched 3 Android powered tablets on one single day. Dubbed as UbiSlate 7Cx, 3G7 and 9Ci, al covers different price and specification zones. So let’s find out what Data Wind is offering with their latest tablets. But at first let me state some of the words of Suneet Singh Tuli, President & CEO of DataWind Ltd. According to him it becomes difficult to come with quality specs when value of Indian Rupee is continuously falling in International market. He said that they are limited for proving better specs at least price so that every common guy can afford their tablet. This statement clearly shows that they have compromised somewhere with specs. According to me it is not a good thing. Please note that all the tablets are carved with G Sensor and USB support.

UbiSlate 9Ci features

It is first 9 incher from the company (9 inch screen) that binds Android 4.1 Jellybean platform with Cortex A9 chipset processor. Its processor is clocked at 1 GHz clocking with pairing of 512 MB RAM. Although Cortex A9 is a new chip which is supposed to offer high performance than old chips like Cortex A7 or so but 512 MB RAM with 1 GHz single core processor for a 9 inches screen? Don’t know what’s going on there. According to me this tablet is not going to provide decent level of multi-tasking even.

It comes with VGA front facing camera and 4 GB internal memory option. G Sensor is there which makes a small impact on the overall performance.

Price: Rs. 4,999. Talking from the price aspect then it is nice to see a big screen tablet at such low cost sticker. But from the performance aspect it is a low end device that is not going to deliver like other machines. According to me there should be a balance between cost and specifications. Both acts like two wheels of the cart and you need to balance both.

DataWind UbiSlate 7Cx specs

It packs a 7 inch screen (TFT display) with Cortex A8 processor and Android 4.0.4 ICS OS. From the performance aspect it is even poorer than 9Ci. Android ICS and Cortex A8 chips are something that makes it a low quality device (sorry to say). 512 MB RAM is there with 2GB flash memory (internal memory) option. No camera is there with UbiSlate 7Cx.

Price: Rs. 3,999

DataWind UbiSlate 3G7 specs

It is the model with highest price tag among the three pieces. It measures a 7 inch TFT screen with Cortex A8 processor having 1.2 GHz clocking and 512 MB RAM. Not the best but it will surely provide a decent level performance when compared with remaining two tablets. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi options are added here which provides nice connectivity/sharing options.

2 MP rear and VGA front facing cameras are also there for smooth capturing experience. It runs on Android 4.0 ICS OS which according to me latches the entire specs to a lower edge. 4 GB internal memory is there.

Price: Rs. 6,999

You can buy these tablets from UbiSlate official web portal.



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