Saturday, 28 December 2013

Cyanogenmod (CM) ROM update for Oppo N1 Android Smartphone


Few months ago, Oppo took a hard and strange decision about Oppo N1. AT first they launched this smartphone with some unique specs like Swivel Camera on the top surface but immediately after its launch, they launched one new version of Oppo N1 which was stuffed with Cyanogenmod base. It was also named as Cyanogenmod versioned Oppo N1. So all the Oppo N1 users who bought it without CM base felt cheated and were very disappointed.

But now to settle all the things down, Oppo has officially unveiled Cyanogenmod based ROM update for Oppo N1 smartphone. Now you will not feel like “cheated” any more. You can very easily upgrade your phone’s base to new CM based ROM. I am going to discuss a detailed procedure about the same. This update supports the rotating camera of N1 and adds few customized features like O-Touch Panel, O-Click Bluetooth Remote Control and ColorOS to its surface. It brings some gesture related updates too. All in all it will be a beneficial update for you and your N1 smartphone.

The best thing about this update is the ease of update process. You only need to have a strong/fast internet connection for having it live on your phone. You will have to download a 389MB file (CM ROM) so please make sure to have a fast internet connection that can download this much data with rapid speed and no glitches. Before moving any further, make sure to have a backup of all important phone files, messages, logs etc as this update might wipe messages, call logs etc things from your phone.

Main Process

1. Download the CM ROM to computer and then transfer it to your phone. Put it inside SD card.
2. Go to App Drawer>>Tools>>System Update. Now launch this downloaded file here.
3. After this select Local Update option and choose the downloaded CM ROM file.
4. Once selected, choose the Update Now option.
5. In the Oppo Recovery popup, select English and perform a wipe data and cache option.
6. Now choose install from SD and choose the same download file i.e. CM ROM file from the SD card.

Now wait till the file gets flashed. Once flashed, reboot your phone and enjoy all new features of CM based environment on your normal Oppo N1 smartphone. For backup you can choose any backup and restore app from Play Store. If you need help at this sector then let me know through the comments section. Although you will feel comfortable and better with new CM OS but in rare case if you want to switch back to ColourOS then you need to flash the ColourOS files in the same manner as CM files.



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