Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Samsung Galaxy Note 3


One weird thing is happening with Samsung these days. Developers at Samsung are unable (or not bringing intentionally) to come up with Android KitKat update for most of the high end devices but custom ROM developers on the other end are freely bringing Android KitKat for most of the devices like anything. It is the case with most of the Samsung smartphones. Developers at Liquid Smooth ROM have unveiled Android KitKat ROM update for Samsung Galaxy Note 3. It must be an exciting news or New Year gift for all Note 3 users. Sad thing about this ROM is its un-official nature but the best thing about it is its Android 4.4 KitKat base. With such base it has become one of the best and modern ROM for Note 3. Another positive thing about this ROM is its global availability. You can flash it like any normal custom packet which means you don’t need to wait for OTA timings and all.

Android 4.4 KitKat is the latest Android iteration which comes with very improved features like very smooth UI, intelligent options, better throughput etc. This update ill enhance the complete UI of Note 3. After this update, your device will perform all the tasks with better speed and efficiency.

It requires you to have a rooted Note 3 piece which will vanish your Note 3’s warranty completely. So go for KitKat base only if you really need it. If your Note 3 is in warranty period and you are a normal user (not a developer or geek) then please stay away from this latest ROM. In such cases it will bring your problems and issues only.

Android KitKat for Galaxy Note 3

First of all please root your smartphone (if not rooted) with proper tools and procedure. You can find suitable rooting tutorial on Google or you may ask me by commenting here. If you have rooted your Note 3 then please follow these pre-requites. After this follow these steps:
• Download the ROM file on your computer.
• Now follow these steps.

This ROM file can be flashed with Odin too. Odin tool works on basis of Download mode. For booting Note 3 to Download mode, first turn it OFF and then turn it ON while pressing and holding Vol. Up + Home keys together. This is how you can flash Android KitKat in your Note 3. If you are facing any issues or confusions then please let me know through your comments.



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