Saturday, 11 January 2014

Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM for Sony Xperia P


Want to update your Sony Xperia P with latest Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM? If you are waiting for official notification about KitKat update for Xperia P then you might have to wait for few more months (eve more than few months). So it would be better to show some efforts and try out custom ROMs that are there in Android market. The ROM which I am going to discuss here belongs to a trusted developers house which means you don’t need to worry about its performance and issues. Although we have recorded absolute no issues/bugs with this ROM but they might be there because of un-official nature. So please backup and secure all your important phone loss before trying this ROM.

If you are facing any issues with this ROM then please let us know through comments (we will report them to developers). Features wise it is a supreme ROM that will let you experience the KitKat interface which is none less than a magic for all Android users. It will enrich your phone with modified interface, new options, improved settings and all. So in short if you want to magnify your phone using experience then it is a must have ROM that you should try out.

As it is an un-official ROM so you need to root your smartphone prior of trying the update tutorial. Also please install some custom Recovery (CWM) in your phone. It will help you stabilize your smartphone after flashing this KitKat based ROM. So now let’s start the main tutorial.

How To

1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Now download ROM and GApps to your phone.
3. Boot your Xperia P to Recovery Mode and follow these steps.
4. Now reboot your phone and enjoy with latest KitKat environment.

Recovery Booting

It can be done using two methods:

1. Using Software:
Download ROM Manager or QuickBoot App to your smartphone. Install then and choose Recovery Booting option.

2. Manual Method:
Switch OFF your Xperia P and Switch it ON with Vol. Up + Home keys combination.

I will advise you to use software method for booting your phone to recovery menu. In manual method you need accuracy and perfect timing to perform the action efficiently. I hope all the instructions are clear and you will easily flash KitKat ROM on your Xperia P smartphone.


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  1. can i use this for daily use? how is battery life? thanks!