Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM update for HTC One


Android Revolution team has released Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM for HTC One smartphone. They have released it through usual Flashtool method. If you are a new Android user or you are going to try custom ROM for the very first time then let me tell you one thing. FlashTool is one of the easiest ways of updating any HTC smartphone provided you have good command on command prompt (MS DOS).

Well talking about the ROM then it is stuffed with all the required features that makes it worth a try at least. Yes there might be some confusion because of its unofficial nature but so far we haven’t noticed any kind of serious bug/issue with this ROM so according to us you should give it a try. It is a must have ROM for all latest Android iteration (KitKat) lovers. It will completely reform your HTC One using experience.

As far as the requirements are concerned then you are asked to root your smartphone prior to this update. As you all know rooting will void your HTC One’s warranty so please decide carefully whether you want to go for the latest Android environment or you want to stay in the protective shell of HTC (warranty). Sadly you can’t have both the things simultaneously.

It is a feature rich ROM that comes with:
• Improved system security/safety with modern techniques
• New processing system that will upgrade the speed of your device
• RAM utilization improved that again results in better speed
• Latest BusyBox
• GPU UI Rendering is enabled
• Virtual Memory concept is utilized properly which allows you to use heavy applications easily
• Improved performance tweaks
• Lots more

So all in all this ROM is going to add all the required features that will tend to increase the processing speed of your HTC One smartphone.

How To

1. Download the ROM Kit on your computer (it will be in zip format).
2. Extract the zip file and place bot.img file in “platform-tools” package.
3. Connect your phone to computer via USB cable and follow these instructions.

Instructions linked in third step require you to boot your HTC One in Flashboot mode. To do so first of all switch OFF your HTC One and then turn it ON with pressing and holding Vol. Down key together.

Now you are done. According to me it should be one of the easiest method of updating your smartphone with KitKat background but if you still needs any guidance or help then please shoot me your messages through comment box.



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