Thursday, 30 January 2014

Celkon S1 VS Micromax A240 Canvas 4 VS Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo


As promised earlier, here I am going to compare Celkon S1 with two giants Micromax A210 canvas 4 and Micromax A250 Canvas Turbo. S1 is a new phone which is released by Celkon in 2014 whereas other two giants are doing great business for MMX or months now. Talking about the company then Micromax has a better impact and status than Celkon. In a very short time, MMX has built the required trust and faith in its Indian audience and now they have shifted to Russia as well. Talking about Celkon then they are not that popular like MMX but they are releasing amazing high end smartphones with superb price to specs value.

Celkon reminds me early days of MMX when they too were busy in coming up with new gadgets having different specifications and stunning price tags. Now let we compare these smartphones.

Celkon S1 VS MMX Canvas 4 VS MMX Canvas Turbo

I have compared all the three smartphones in an image form. Here is that image:

From the image you can clearly see (if you are not seeing it clearly then please download it and zoom it properly) that Canvas 4 is somewhat out of the race because of its average specs than other two contenders. So I am not going to add it in further discussion.

Now we are left with Canvas Turbo and S1. Both the smartphones comes with almost Rs. 5,000 price difference. It is a huge difference in Indian market where you can buy extra fully function-able Android smartphone for this extra Rs. 5,000 (from both the companies).

Both the smartphones matches in screen, OS and connectivity specs. Celkon S1 bears a better camera than Canvas Turbo whereas Turbo spots a powerful processor in terms of 2GB RAM pairing (1GB in case of S1). S1 again leads Turbo in terms of battery performance. It equips additional 300mAh which can surely make a difference for a 5 incher.


Both the smartphones seems to be good at respective spots. Talking about company reputation and faster processing unit (a much required thing in any smartphone) then my vote will go for Canvas Turbo. But if we look from camera and battery aspect then I will vote for S1 for sure.

Now the main concern is price. S1 is giving you better camera and powerful battery for Rs. 5,000 less whereas on the second hand if you are ready to spend extra 5K bucks then you will buy a machine with better processing but poor camera (in comparison to S1) and weak battery power. For me, Celkon S1 will be the real winner as it provides real value for every single penny that you will spend on it.



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