Sunday, 5 January 2014

CM Android 4.4 KitKat ROM for Sony Xperia S


After targeting Samsung, CM (Cyanogen Mod) team is now focusing towards Sony devices. As the first attempt they have released Android 4.4 KitKat update for SONY XPERIA S. It is one of the most awaited update that Xperia S users were expecting from official sources. But nevertheless they have received it through custom developers and that too from Cyanogen Mod team.

Xperia S is one of the best smartphone from Sony that is stuffed with very high end specs already. But such kind of latest iteration ROM update acts like “cherry on the cake” and let all the smartphone users rejoice with latest features that Android has released so far. Please don’t wait for official update as Samsung has released no ETA about when they will be coming with official KitKat for Xperia S. also it has become one of the very first Sony device that has received Android KitKat update from CM team.

Being an un-official ROM it always comes with the risks of some sort of bugs or you can say issues. But that doesn’t mean you should not try it or something like. In spite of un-official origin, this ROM is flooded with plethora of high end features that are worth to use rather than declining it. It needs your Xperia S to be rooted prior to following procedure. So please root it (if not rooted already).

Android KitKat for Sony Xperia S

1. Follow these pre-requisites.
2. Now download ROM to your computer and then transfer it to Xperia S memory card through original USB cable.
3. Remove the USB.
4. Boot Xperia S to Recovery Mode and follow these instructions.

Xperia S Recovery Mode booting

You can boot your Xperia S to Recovery Mode by first witching it OFF and then switching it ON with the combination of Volume Up keys. Means press and hold Vol. up Key and then Press Power Key keep pressing Vol. Up Key with Power Key). It will successfully boot your smartphone to Recovery Mode. Once you will get booted to Recovery Mode you will automatically see all the instructions (how to work in Recovery mode) on the top of the main screen.

So this is how you can install Android KitKat inside your Sony Xperia S smartphone. Follow all the instruction carefully and rejoice with the latest high end features of Android KitKat surface. Please don’t forget to check the firmware version from Settings>>About Phone menu.


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  1. But this rom is Still Beta version