Thursday, 2 January 2014

CM Android 4.4.2 KitKat ROM for ASUS Prime TF201


Cyanogen Mod team has come up with an Android 4.4.2 KitKat update for Asus Transformer Prime TF201. CM team is doing a lot in KitKat world these days. At first they targeted Samsung flagships and now it’s time to switch to other manufacturers. According to me there should be no questions on the credibility part of CM ROMs. They are supposed to be best and till now they have delivered best out of best. It is because of them a normal Android user takes the guts to switch from official ROMs to custom build ROMs.

Officials haven’t released any ETA about when they will bring such update for Prime TF201 but it seems like they are not going to do anything like in near future (at least till MWC 2014). While ASUS is busy in developing new high end smartphones/tablet, you can refresh your TF201 with Android KitKat environment. This KitKat ROM is similar to any other official stable ROM which can enrich your device with all latest features of current Android iteration. This ROM comes with plethora of customization, interfacing option that will increase the speed and accuracy of your Asus device. Additionally this ROM will give you an idea about what Android KitKat contains inside. It will make you familiar with current iteration UI so that you will face no difficulties when Asus will officially release such update.

Till now we haven’t come across any kind of bug reports related to this custom ROM but I think there might be some bugs associated with it (as it is from un-official sources). Also you can apply this ROM only on a rooted Prime TF201 device which means you will have to compromise with the warranty period of your device (if it is still in warranty period). So by assuming that you have rooted your TF201, let we proceed further.

Android KitKat for Asus Transformer Prime TF201

1. Follow these quick pre-requisites.
2. Download KitKat ROM and GApps to computer.
3. Move both the files to SD card.
4. Boot TF201 to Recovery mode and follow these steps.

For Recovery booting, first of all turn OFF your tablet. Now press and hold Vol. Down and Power keys together until you get booted to Recovery Menu. If you are facing any kind of issues with this manual procedure (booting to Recovery) then you can use QuickBoot or ROM Manger Apps from Play Store. Both will help you get booted to Recovery Menu through automated ways.

Having this latest KitKat ROM on your Prime TF201 will completely revolutionize you way of using your tablet. You will find new modified interface with improved options and settings.



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