Monday, 27 January 2014

Download and install GTA San Andreas for Windows Smartphones (Nokia+HTC)


Grand Theft Auto is one of the most discussed and popular action/racing/adventure (and so on) game so far. Frankly speaking then I use to play it a lot and it is one of my favourite games ever. This game allows you to do anything with all the creatures of the gaming unit that includes riding bikes, cars, helicopters, tankers, cop cars etc It even allows you to mesh up with various other peoples (which are there inside the game), joining their gangs etc Some users says that it somewhere increases violence and all but friends please understand that it is a game that is purely developed to entertain the gamers and you are not advised to follow such rules in your real life. Simply play/enjoy it and leave.

GTA is developed by Rockstar Games. They have already imported GTA III and Vce City to mobile/smartphone platform. Now they are going to do the same for GTA San Andreas. This time they have listed it on Windows Store and have listed some elected smartphones that are compatible with this game. It means GTA San Andreas will be available on selected smartphones only and you may even have to wait for some more months (even if you own a Windows smartphone) for having it live on your smartphones.

Talking about the games then San Andreas represents a complete new gaming arena which is covered with bicycles, railway platforms (with active trains), rivers, water tanks and lot more such interesting things. You can even use parachutes and mountain racing bicycles for expanding your gaming experience. All in all developers have stuffed all the required features inside GTA SA.

Supported smartphones and download

Company has unveiled the list of all selected smartphones (Nokia and HTC) that are compatible with this high end game. This game can be installed on Nokia Lumia 1520, 1320, 822, 820, 810 and HTC 8XT smartphones. There are some other smartphones like Lumia 1020, 925 etc which operates on similar platform like above smartphones so I think it will work on them too.

You can download this game from here. It asks you to download a 19 MB file (you may have to download remaining game files later) from store. So you can try and test it easily. It will cost you approx 6.99 USD per game only. I will request all the high end Windows smartphone users to download and give it a test run (even if your smartphone is not listed above).



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