Friday, 24 January 2014

Download and install Viber 4.2 for Android


Famous social app Viber has received a highly appreciated update from officials. Dubbed as Viber 4.2 it is moulded for Android users only. This update features some of the best options that users were demanding from so long now. Finally developers have responded to all the important queries of sincere Viber users with this update. Looking at the recent history then Viber team is doing its best effort for magnifying their so popular app.

They have imported it to Windows 8 platform about a month ago. It was also seen on some of the Nokia Asha devices. Not only that, they have updated its base to Viber 4.0 for both Android as well as iPhone during November last year. That update was also appreciated well by most of the users. It was rolled out especially for giving an eyeful treat for its users. This update was mainly dedicated to sticker support on Viber platform.

After this, they updated it in December 2013. This update was concerned with stability and performance segments only. Now officials are updating it within a span of one month approx. It shows their dedication about this app and its users. Talking about the latest update then it is going take the entire customization level to next floor. With this latest update, you will be able to manage all your Viber entities more efficiently and smoothly.

Viber Out is one of the latest feature that we will see after this update. This exclusive feature lets you call to any landline or mobile number directly from the Viber interface. It is one of the most important feature of this entire update.

Viber 4.2 features

Here are its features:

• Option to block any number on Viber list (means you can manage your contact list now)
• Previous bugs are fixed
• Media gallery is imported to conversation segment
• Performance is improved
• You can now customize your messages and sounds during the calls
• You can send up to 10 photos simultaneously through new Viber
• Lots more

So all in all this new Viber 4.2 is going to give you world class customization options with improved interface.

How to install Viber 4.2

Download it directly from Play Store and then install it like any normal app. You can directly update it within your smartphone/tablet itself. Just move over to the App and check for its update download the update and start enjoying all the latest feature.



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