Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Download and install VLC 2.2 for iPhone and iPad


VLC Media Player is one of the highest rated video players for all kind of multimedia devices. Be it a standard computer, laptop, smartphone or tablet, VLC Media player is one of the essential tool that you will find everywhere. But it was not the case with Apple devices (till last year). About a year ago, VideoLAN tried and imported VLC to Apple World i.e. they integrated it with iTunes Store. All the Apple users gave an overwhelming response to this new kind of multi media player (new for them). It gave developers a reason to keep it updated with latest functions and day to day tracks. As a result we have seen lots of major/minor updates for VLC for Apple in last one year.

Now one more major update has rolled out for VLC for iPhone and iPad. This update is coded as VLC 2.2 and it hosts all the new and required features. The latest update brings a new refreshed UI that is integrated with lot of add-ons. This new updated interface will allow you to watch your favourite clips with better quality and features. All its features are of high end in quality and they will surely entertain you.


As said above that with this iteration developers have tried to provide an improved UI that easily integrated with various third party channels. Here are listed some of its features:

• New UI that is more user friendly
• Dropbox streaming option is given
• Google Drive Integration for cloud users
• Modifications in Wi-Fi upload
• New gestures are added
• New protocols are added
• UPnP integration
• Better and improved downloading options
• New kind of library for audio and video tracks
• Security is improved
• Improved TV Show handling
• New streaming formats are added
• Improvements in playback
• New translations
• Lots more

They have embedded it with a start-up tutorial that will make you familiar with the use of all these new features. So please don’t think about its complexity or something like. This updated app is compatible with both iOS6 and iOS7. However developers have mainly focused on redesigning the UI for iOS7 users.


You can download VLC 2.2 for both iPad as well as iPhone from here. Download it and install it like any usual app. You can also upgrade it from current VLC App settings. Or you can also update it directly by visiting iTunes Store (search for VLC and then select update).



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