Friday, 10 January 2014

Download free UC Browser 9.5


UC Browser team has released latest UC Browser 9.5 for Android smartphones. When it comes to mobile and PC browsers then UC Browser plays a very crucial role and it is one of the most popular web browsers for both mobile as well as desktops/laptops etc. Best thing that I love about UC Browser is its responsiveness. It always displays web pages by orienting them according to the type of screen on which we are browsing the web. It increases speed and provides quality output that most of the other web browser fails to provide.

Timely updates are the second advantages that put them way ahead than other competitors. All in all UC Browser is one of the most efficient and used web browsers on global base. It is a browser that you can’t ever neglect. Now this latest v9.5 version brings plethora of high end features with extended support for regional Indian customers (I will tell later in the article). There are lots of performance tweaks that you would surely fall in love with. Developers have modified different sectors that will entertain the users of different zones.

Features of UC Browser 9.5

This new UC iteration comes with lots of updated features that users have reported to their development team. They have tried to address most of the submitted feedbacks. Here are some features:

• The way you use to save your files is updated now
• 15% speed increase for 3G and Wi—Fi networks
• New Home Screen with better user interface
• Favourite Web Pages
• Segmented File Transfer
• Multi-Threading technique while downloading the file (increases speed)
• Image Viewer is updated that displays pictures like shown in photo album
• Basic features updated
• Gesture controls (similar to what you have used in Dolphin)
• Tamil, Telugu and Malayalam language support. You can even add new languages by downloading their libraries
• Lots more


Android users can download the latest UC Browser 9.5 free version from here. Download and install it like any other normal app. If you regularly use UC Browser on your smartphone then you will receive automatic update/notification about this UC Browser iteration. In that case please tap that notification (make sure that your Data is activated) and follow all the onscreen instructions. It will end up you with UC Browser v9.5 model interface.

It is a free update and you can even update it with your normal low speed 2G internet connections.



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