Sunday, 12 January 2014

Download GMail 4.7.2 Android App with APK option


Good news for all Android users here. Gmail has updated its Android App with latest version Gmail 4.7.2 Android App. This app perfectly responds to all the issues that were reported during last iteration and it represents a complete solid proof solution for all the bugs/issues that were there with the last version. As of now I can only say that it is one of the best Gmail iteration from team that they have launcher ever.

Here I am going to give you download links of both Play Store as well as APK file. APK file will help lot of geek users for sure. So be ready to magnify your Gmail using experience through your phone.


• Show images automatically which means you will not have to go and tap show images option all the times. You will automatically see them in a portfolio type section if there are any image files in the email
• Auto Responder option to manage responding actions quickly and more efficiently
• Fully customizable options means you can yourself control what you want to do with your Gmail account. You can decide whether you want to enable or disable any of the Gmail feature in segmented boundaries • Option to allow who can contact you within your circles. It improves the privacy of individual Gmail/Google+ account
• Lots more


You can install/upgrade to this Gmail 4.7.2 in three ways:
1. You can download the APK file from here.

2. If you want to update it through Play Store then you can do it from here.

3. If you are lucky enough then you will receive one automatic notification about this update. Please check your notification tab or head over to Play Store and check Installed App. If it shows Update option at Gmail (if you have already installed previous version of Gmail) then that means you are eligible for having this update on your smartphone. Just tap the “UPDATE” option and be ready for the latest Gmail iteration on your phone.

See I have listed 3 simple options that will download and update your existing Gmail Android App. You can choose any of the above method depending upon your specifications and conditions. If you are up for all three methods then personally I would suggest you to pot for either 2nd or 3rd method. Both are simple and almost bug free. You will not face any kind of issues or problems with both these methods.



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