Friday, 3 January 2014

How to root any Chinese Smartphone


Chinese smartphones are becoming the first option for a range of smartphone users. These smartphones are first preference of users who wants to use latest technologies with best least prices. Chinese phone reduces the cost to almost half or even more than half from the fully equipped high end smartphones. Being an Android user, Rooting is a thing that helps in plethora of sections. Even Google Play Store contains some apps that require rooting access permissions. Rooting is a very helpful process if someone knows how to use it properly.

You might have seen various rooting guides for almost all the high end smartphones but sadly no such platform is available for low cost Chinese smartphones. But do you know you can very easily root any of your Chinese smartphone by performing a simple tutorial. Here I am going to brief one very easy guide that will help you rooting any of your Chinese smartphone.

Rooting will help you in cases when you will have to install custom packages inside your smartphone. These custom packages include all new ROMs, Recoveries, high end apps and lot of other things. You can even clock up your smartphone by using suitable app from Play Store (after rooting your smartphone). But pros and cons are the two sides of all the things. Along with all these pros rooting acquires some cons too. At first it will void the warranty status of your phone + it might completely damage your smartphone if you don’t know how to handle a rooted phone exactly. So before moving any further I will request you to read and follow these pre-requisites. These will help you avoiding most of the con issues of rooting.

How to root Chinese smartphone

This procedure is compatible with Chinese smartphones having Android 4.0 ICS+ OS only. Please make sure to carry original USB and Laptop/Computer with internet connection for rooting your Chinese smartphone. Once you are done with all the things, please follow following steps accurately:

1. Download PDA.NET and Bin4ry to your computer.
2. Connect your Chinese smartphone to computer by USB cable.
3. Extract the downloaded Bin4Ry tool to any location in your computer (extract to that location which you can remember later).
4. Go to extracted folder and open the RunMe.bat file.
5. Now you will get a command prompt on your computer. Press 1 and hit ENTER there.
6. Now you will get another window that will ask something related to device encryption password. Ignore it completely and choose Restore My Data option.
7. Wait till your phone gets rooted. It will restart automatically.
8. Select SuperUser to confirm the rooting status.

This is how you can root any Chinese Smartphone with easiest possible method.



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