Friday, 31 January 2014

How to switch ON/switch OFF Blow to unlock feature on Micromax Canvas 4 and other smartphones


With the launch of Micromax A240 Canvas 4, Micromax started a new world of high end software features that includes smart unlocking techniques, smart gesture controls and lot more. Micromax continued to follow this trend in upcoming smartphones too and today we have lot of Canvas smartphones (some other too) that comes with the option of “Blow to Unlock” feature. It was the tagline which MMX has given before launching Canvas 4 to Indian market.

But still there are lot of users who don’t know about how to use Blow to Unlock feature on Canvas 4 and other smartphones. To address all such queries, here I am with detailed guide of about how to activate this smart unlocking feature on respective devices. But before that let me discuss some of the unlocking techniques that Micromax is giving in their latest smartphones.

Talking about latest MMX smartphones then you will find following unlocking techniques:

• Slide
• Face Unlock
• Voice Unlock
• Pattern
• Password
• Blow to Unlock (hidden one)

I think i don’t need to discuss about any of the above method as their name says it all. To manage locking interfaces you will have to head over to Settings>>Security menu. There you will find entire screen about locking patterns and styles. But you will not see any Blow to Unlock feature there. What it means? Do you need to download some additional app or have to perform some third party procedures for getting it live one your smartphones? Well it was my first reaction when I didn’t get Blow to Unlock feature in Security Menu. But let me tell you one thing, you don’t need to do anything (except buying latest high end Canvas smartphone) related to third parties or something like. Everything is there within your phone.

How To

• Open Menu and search for Mi Unlock option
• Open it
• Now you will get a popup screen with option like “Tap above to Turn ON the Air Blow/Shake Unlocker”
• Tap on the lock icon (just displayed over above tag line)

That’s it! You have activated Blow to Unlock or Shake Unlcoker on your MMX Canvas 4. Same is the case with other smartphones. You only need to use M! Unlock App which is pre-installed in all the latest Canvas smartphones. You can even import this smart unlocking feature to any other Android smartphone. Just let me know through comments if you want to import it to your smartphone.



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